Budget Girl-You Go Girl!

The Channel

Sarah Wilson is the creator of the channel Budget Girl. The channel includes all manner of content relating to destroying debt and living one’s best life, on a budget. The channel documents Sarah’s journey to debt freedom and her videos showcase her trials, successes, disappointments and everything she experienced along the way. She followed Dave Ramsey and his program during her debt free journey although she no longer follows his program on her wealth building adventure. Sarah lives in College Station, Texas with her boyfriend and their two dogs. She is a communications director for Texas A&M University. 

The channel joined YouTube in 2014. Budget Girl has over 95,000 subscribers and has over 8 million views. 

The Hauls

The channel includes some traditional grocery and other similar hauls. Sarah shows her frugal ways of grocery and clothing shopping she employed to change her habits to achieve her financial goals.https://youtu.be/mwEzoouD-K4 She loves Aldi! These hauls include her plans for using the groceries to plan her meals for the week. These hauls give the viewers great ideas for saving money on food. 

There is so much more content hauling valuable information about Sarah’s journey to debt freedom. She includes many frugal tips, tricks and hacks for living the best possible life while becoming debt free and thereafter. She shares her frugal victories and “fails” in videos like the one following. https://youtu.be/5CT2QiZZrPE In these older videos, she posts the amount remaining of her debt. As the viewer watches, the number continues the decrease over time until she is debt free. 

There are numerous videos on ways to budget, spend and save in daily life which can change everything for those pursuing debt freedom. https://youtu.be/4JrnMVGzl8o Anyone interested in in-depth information on the path to financial freedom using Dave Ramsey’s plan will find loads of valuable and easy to understand content. 

Finally, those who like numbers have a virtual smorgasbord of in-depth content. https://youtu.be/Ixn9Hpro6lk The channel contains so much more terrific content, please jump into your area of interest and enjoy! 

Sarah’s Journey to Living Like No One Else

To say Sarah has done a remarkable job crafting a wonderful, financially secure life for herself would be an understatement. From her humble beginning as a young working woman burdened with student loan debt to a financially secure debt destroyer is amazing to watch. In her early twenties, she was unemployed and struggling to find a job to keep her head above water. Sarah is now not only debt-free but building a financial empire. Her story is fascinating and the viewers are brought along for all the wins and temporary setbacks. 

Sarah brings a relatable and well-presented presence to the often touchy subject of personal finance. She is an example of taking responsibility for her “bad” decisions and turning her life around. Sarah has no doubt inspired many to initiate and work towards debt freedom. She has an information rich blog at https://budgetgirl.com/ 

Thank you for your time and for reading this blog. Find Sarah on Instagram at Budget Girl® (@gobudgetgirl) • Instagram photos and videos 

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