About Me

Welcome and thank you for checking out my “About Me” page! I am a mom, mall walker, best friend and obsessed with YouTube shopping hauls and vlogs. I live in Oklahoma where the wind really does sweep down the plain! I enjoy talking to just about anyone and love people watching. I practiced law a long time ago and waited tables even longer ago. I have read a lot of great books and now I listen to great books while I walk. I have two grown sons and am the provider of casseroles from time to time.

My blog is a happy place for me to express my fascination with the products and services folks purchase and publish on their YouTube channels. I am expanding the definition of hauls as I realize by watching a ton of videos that there are many things content creators “haul.” There will be blogs about anything from traditional grocery store hauls to the types of vacations chosen and anything else.

This will be a positive forum for sharing our favorite hauls and haulers. If I can’t say something nice, I’m not going to say anything. I’m hoping to connect with anyone else who loves a good haul. I also plan to explore why we choose certain brands, products and services. All this is such fun!

Please follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and share your favorite hauls and/or haulers and anything “haul.”