Five2Go – Family Fun on the Road

The Channel

Brian and Erin are the creators of the great family channel Five2Go. They, along with their three children, live full-time in their fabulous Class A RV. They travel extensively and “haul” experiences. The channel includes vlogs, informational videos on RV life with homeschooled children and numerous other topics. They document their RV home life including the great times, missteps and everything in between. Their children are ages 4, 6 and 11. As the children are homeschooled, they, no doubt, enjoy many, many learning experiences while traveling. Family time is real! 

The channel joined YouTube in 2017 and has over 74,000 subscribers. There are over 10 million views!

The Hauls

The most important “hauls” are the experiences. The family has visited so many wonderful locales and amassed a beautiful bank of videos and memories. Here, they camp at Walt Disney World for the Christmas holidays. They love Disney! Their travels have also taken them to other locales, such as the Florida Keys, Colorado and numerous National Parks, to name a few. There are beautiful videos on their experiences showcasing family fun. 

Their hauls also include a variety of posts with helpful tips and advice for others embracing the full-time RV life. These are especially helpful for those in large RVs. The videos with “newbie” tips are loaded with great ideas! The first “newbie” video explains the different types or “classes” of RVs. Their gear reviews highlight the various products that are useful (or not) for the RV lifestyle. 

Making Family Memories on the Road

The family’s decision to live the RV life full-time has been thoughtfully explained in several videos. This is an older video answering the top six questions asked by viewers. Their plan to RV in retirement was accelerated by several life events coming together. They asked the question, “Why wait?” The answer is obvious. They went for it. Starting in a travel trailer (with a child still in a crib), they began their journey to freedom from the 9 to 5, sticks and bricks lifestyle to full-time life on the road. They have since upgraded to a Class A motorhome and it is beautiful. They have documented it all and are a real pleasure to watch.

They support themselves in various creative ways while on the road. The Q and A videos address this often most asked question. They are affiliated with several companies which pay them a commission. 

Thank you for your time and for reading this blog, it is much appreciated! Follow the family fun on Instagram at Five2Go Full-time RV Life (@five2gorv) • Instagram photos and videos 

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