You, Me and the RV-Full-Time RV Life

The Channel

Phil and Stacy are the creators of the channel, You, Me and the RV. Ruby is their 35 foot Class A recreational vehicle. They are a couple living the full-time RV life. They sold their “sticks and bricks” along with most of their possessions several years ago and set off for a life on the road. The channel contains a variety of content including vlogs of all the wonderful places and adventures they have experienced, informative videos on having a successful life on the road, product reviews and more. Their channel is a wealth of information for newbies and seasoned RVers alike. Phil is retired from the Navy and Stacy, who also served in the Navy, is a Nurse Practitioner taking a hiatus from her practice. The couple has two grown children, a son in the Navy and a daughter who is a military spouse. They travel the country with their little dog, Gizmo. Phil does government contract work remotely which he had been doing before they left to travel. 

The channel joined YouTube in 2017 and has almost 130,000 subscribers. It has amassed over 12 million views! 

The Hauls

The content Phil and Stacy create contains numerous reviews of products and services they have tried which are useful for RV living. In this video, they review water filters and offer suggestions for which is best. The following video reviews apps which are most helpful in trip planning. They have numerous product reviews which are chock full of information. 

The channel also includes a wealth of content on tips and tricks for better, safer and easier RV life. These tips are great for seasoned RVers and newbies alike. Check out their playlists to navigate all the valuable content. 

The channel contains many trip videos which include vlogs of the stunning places they have visited and toured. The videos are very well filmed and edited. 

One of the most meaningful “hauls” Phil and Stacy has achieved is raising money for military non-profits, notably, Homes for Our Troops. The Farleys have raised almost $65,000 through their social media presence. Amazing! There are other non-profits helping the military they also support. A video on a home provided for a veteran is touching and shows their dedication to giving back.

Fun with the Farleys

One word can sum up watching this engaging channel: FUN! Phil and Stacy are clearly enjoying their life on the road, rolling with the ups and downs. Their sense of humor has remained intact and is infectious. They have a terrific website, Today is Someday, which includes a blog, resources and loads of other content . Check it out! 

Thank you for your time and for reading this blog. Find Phil and Stacy on Instagram at Phil & Stacy (@youmetherv) • Instagram photos and videos 

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