Georgia Sunshine – Unboxing Showcase

The Channel

Kristy is the creator of the delightful channel, Georgia Sunshine. The channel is primarily composed of videos providing a deep dive into any kind of subscription box imaginable! Kristy hauls these boxes in a traditional “ show and tell” style. She will do try-ons with the clothing boxes and taste tests with some of the food boxes. Many videos include multiple boxes. The sheer number of boxes she hauls is astounding. Kristy has routinely posted videos almost everyday. She lives in Georgia with her husband, two teenage children and some curious cats. 

The channel joined YouTube in late 2016, has almost 24,000 subscribers and almost 5 million views

The Hauls

The sheer number and variety of boxes (most subscription) available is overwhelming. Kristy does a fabulous job of finding and presenting a wide variety of boxes. The hauls include everything from budget boxes to expensive, high end boxes. Some boxes are monthly, some quarterly and others one time.

One video highlights numerous budget friendly subscription boxes, including, Mighty Fix Dollar Snack Club and Trendsend. On the other end of the spending spectrum, she also hauls the most expensive boxes she has received, Breo Box., and Chrisley Box.     There are so many boxes hauled on this channel, the viewer can binge watch and decide if one is right for her. 

Kristy also hauls curated clothing boxes regularly hauled on YouTube, such as, Stitch Fix and Trunk Club. These hauls are especially fun as she includes try ons. Christy always gives her opinion on the clothing and value for the items in these boxes and all the others. 

Kristy’s World

Kristy is one busy content creator posting daily or six days a week for years. She receives and hauls what seems an overwhelming amount of merchandise. She explains how she organizes and either uses, gifts or donates all the merchandise. Kristy receives many of the boxes free from the manufacturer for a video with an honest review. She most often will negotiate for a great discount for her viewers. Kristy’s upbeat personality, simple and honest approach to the unboxings are relaxing and informative ways to learn about so many varieties of subscription boxes and their contents. Search her video feed for any box you may be interested in and enjoy watching!

I appreciate your time and for reading this blog. Follow Kristy on Instagram where she is very active at Georgia Sunshine (@georgia_sunshine1) • Instagram photos and videos 

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