Emily Summer – Wedding Planner Extraordinaire

The Channel

Emily Summer is the creator of her eponymous channel, Emily Summer. The channel is all about wedding planning from a “boots on the ground” wedding planner. The viewer can expect to see all aspects of wedding planning from a very talented, experienced wedding planner. Emily offers numerous tips and advice on planning the best day possible for not only the bride but everyone else involved in the process. Emily has her businesses (she also owns a bridal boutique) in Montana and will travel to work as well. 

The channel joined YouTube in late 2019. She has almost 600 subscribers and over 50,000 views. Emily posts new videos once a week. 

The Hauls

The “hauls” on this channel are about all things wedding. There is even a video on elopement! .https://youtu.be/u9Cj-AudQTA Weddings can be anything from small, intimate events to grand occasions and Emily has content on them all. She explores the question of whether to hire a wedding planner, day of coordinator, venue coordinator or a DIY. Emily walks the viewer through a thorough explanation of the differences between them and what to expect from each. https://youtu.be/DiS64DsLGm0 

Budgeting for all the many expenses of a wedding is a focus of the content. The best video to start with is creating a budget for the wedding.     Food and drinks are a large part of the budget and the viewer will find an exploration and explanation of finding her “style” to determine how to explanation of finding her “style” to determine how to find a caterer.https://youtu.be/30ZEL5YkToI   https://youtu.be/NumkeVYL_pE Watch all the videos to find the best fit for the best wedding possible. 

Enchanting Emily

Watching and listening to Emily is a lovely experience. She is calm and her delivery inspires confidence in the viewer. Emily’s delivery is confident giving the viewer the confidence that she can have the wedding she has dreamed of no matter her budget or time to plan. Her experience as a wedding planner and coordinator shines through in her videos. Watch her story on how she became a wedding planner to see her passion for her career. Nhttps://youtu.be/l-dI9qeuZjo

Thank you for reading this blog post! I appreciate your time! Find Emily on Instagram at https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=emily+summer+studios  

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