fabbTV – The Fabulous Amanda

The Channel

Amanda is our go to girl behind fabbTV.  Her channel is self-described as “Fashion And Beauty…on a Budget!”  Get it, FABB TV!  She posts a variety of hauls, diys, reviews, follow me arounds, and other great content.  Her playlists are numerous and well organized.  She is passionate about bringing her viewers beauty, fashion and household finds which are extremely budget friendly.  She also hauls items she is sent to review by various companies, some higher end, and she does so honestly and responsibly.  She always discloses when she has received a product.  Her channel is G-rated and she appears to have a good number of quite young subscribers. She lives in east Tennessee with her husband, Todd, and her adorbs little doggie, Wrigley.  As a side note, Wrigley gets a treat when she shops and he looks through the bags and to find it!

The Hauls

Let’s break it down and look at a few representative hauls.  Do not stop with these, treat yourself to a binge-watch.  You will not regret it.  She does numerous dollar and low cost hauls: Dollar Tree; Dollar General; Big Lots; and low-cost finds at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Rite Aid and various thrift stores to name a few.  Her hauls include reviews, which are most helpful. She presents her hauls in a few ways:  on camera with her presenting each purchase (my favorite); an introduction to the haul followed by showing the items off-camera; presenting the items with a little wave or two at the camera; and car hauls (just a few.)  Here is a Dollar Tree beauty haul with reviews, demos and Amanda dancing. https://youtu.be/9txbU78tFYY  Here is another Dollar Tree haul with name brand finds and a good look at her fanciness. https://youtu.be/DA39-PVDiM8    Finally, a great Dollar General haul with mini reviews. https://youtu.be/rSJlrhdXHiY  What’s not to like?

The Expose

I want to showcase a review video in which Amanda exposes her beloved Dollar Tree for producing and selling a product that was so bad, she reported it to the FDA and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  In this video, https://youtu.be/6os51OE0fYw  Amanda does a much requested review of the Dollar Tree dry shampoo.  She went to the mat for her subbies and not only tried the terrible product but compared it ingredient for ingredient to several other dry shampoos including the one the Dollar Tree listed as the “compare to” product.  The Dollar Tree product was very bad and Amanda called out other reviewers for not telling it like it is.  This video is another great example of how far she goes to bring great content to her viewers which includes her honest opinions about her purchases.


Other Neat Stuff

I absolutely love this channel! Amanda is beautiful, smart, caring, entertaining, informative, enthusiastic and so very engaging,  Her accent will draw you in immediately.  She says and spells “thang” regularly, what fun!  She calls her subscribers, “my pretties,” the OPs being the “Original Pretties.”  However, all the fun and emoji-filled videos are just the icing on a multi-tiered and finely crafted channel.

I could go on and on.  Her “Fabb or Fail” videos are wonderful (the intro is classic.)  In other videos, she goes shopping with another youtuber, 87rjohns, which is a real treat.  She takes us for her first tattoo and her nose piercing. She creates cuter than cute costumes for herself and the hubby and she answers questions in a video series in which she shares her experiences, good and bad, as a YouTuber.  

Her follow me around videos are a hoot! A 13 year-old subscriber commented that it makes her proud to shop and save at Dollar Tree by watching fabbTV.  Amanda has responded within a few days to every comment I have posted.   Amanda cares about her subscribers and their quality of life.  She shows us how to live a fabulous life without spending a fortune!  Thank you for taking the time to read this post!  Please comment below and tell me if you watch fabbTV and about your favorite haulers.


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