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The Channel

Jamerrill’s Large Family Table (JLFT) is a channel which shares the daily life of the Stewart family of ten.  Jamerrill and her family live in rural Virginia where they homeschool all the kids and enjoy the great outdoors.  The channel is full of content about large family living and homeschooling, real life style.  There are hauls, cooking and food prep videos, diys, homeschool tips and motivation, vlogs and much more.  Jamerrill posts regularly and updates her viewers about family events.  

Jamerrill is a seasoned blogger and runs an online business from her home.  Her blog is at The Large Family Table.  Her business is Free Homeschool Deals, http://www.freehomeschooldeals.com/ .  She was able to build her business so that her husband could come home for two years then pursue a new career by continuing his education.  It is a beautiful and fascinating story of faith and hard work.  She has a video on how her business supports the family. https://youtu.be/BbZhtovKfwE

The Hauls

Let’s get to the hauls!  The grocery hauls include her monthly, weekly, and “fill in” hauls with many of the hauls including a vlog of the shopping. https://youtu.be/JrHNXDXI3TE  The family shops at Costco, Aldi, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Sharp Shopper and local grocery stores.  Since they live rurally, the monthly shopping can take six hours or more. In a few shopping vlogs, the whole family goes along. https://youtu.be/r2_26lNPqxs  It is amazing to watch the vlogs to see Jamerrill negotiate recruiting the older boys to assist and engaging the younger ones as “helpers.”  Homeschool lessons abound throughout the hauls. Her husband is along many times, however, he prefers to stay off camera for the most part as do the older children.

The monthly hauls, when spread out on the “large family table”, the kitchen counters and sometimes the floor, include every imaginable food product in bulk quantities. https://youtu.be/ar-OVLYORcs   Jamerrill usually cooks once for two meals, at least, so packages of meat, rice, vegetables, fruits, eggs, cheese and the occasional convenience food (emergency mac and cheese) abound.  Jamerrill will tell how the item will be used in the next weeks’ meals.  There are weekly and bi-weekly hauls as well.  It is not unusual for a haul to include ten to twenty dozen eggs and ten loaves of bread, if the price is right.  Jamerrill never misses an opportunity to visit a Sharp Shopper.  She sprained her foot and after a trip to the emergency room to check whether her foot was broken (it was not), she and her husband went to a Sharp Shopper close to the hospital. https://youtu.be/w2HTZSawXcU

Everything Else

There is much other content which is fun, inspiring and so interesting to watch. There are household and thrift store hauls. The channel is a wealth of information for any family.  Also, the cooking videos, while not gourmet, give lots of recipes, tips and tricks for cooking for a crowd.

Jamerrill cooks, cleans, runs a full time business and most importantly loves her family.  She is so calm and sweet, it is relaxing to see how she teaches and leads her children.  She may not always use the “right” kind of measuring cup or the best ingredients, but she does not make excuses for it.  Her attitude is to make the best of what she has.  I like that a lot.  Watch Jamerrill and her family at JLFT and marvel at how they negotiate life with a very large and growing family.  Thank you for reading this blog, head on over to Jamerrill’s world and enjoy!

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