Coffee to Wine – And Everything In Between

The Channel

Jessica is the face behind the channel, Coffee to Wine.  She is an adorable stay at home mom who records her grocery, home scent, fashion and makeup hauls in addition to vlogs, empties, makeup, outfits of the day  and other content.  She lives in Virginia is married and has two school age children.  The hubby and children do not appear on the channel.  She loves coffee, makeup, home fragrance and reality television, among other things.  Her channel launched in 2012 and she has downloaded content regularly since then.  

The Best of Jess

The best reason to watch this channel is to marvel at how well Jessica dresses and accessorizes on a budget.  Her makeup and outfit of the day videos are simply amazing!  After I had watched a few of these videos, I realized how many pieces of her clothing and how many of her accessories come from Walmart or retailers, such as, Target and JC Penney.  She rocks the discount look!  There is not a playlist for these videos.  Just jump into the feed and wonder at how Jessica can put together her easy, polished and sophisticated style using primarily items from discount retailers, many of which sell groceries too!  She has a few videos of her jewelry collection where she reveals the retailer.  I was astonished at what she finds, especially at Walmart!  She has some Kate Spade thrown in there, too.  Actually, when Jessica stopped at her local Kate Spade store just to browse, the salesperson complimented her on her $5 Walmart necklace.  

Beauty on a budget is possible and Jessica proves it time and time again.  Her makeup looks include drugstore and high end brands and she gives a good description of each product and how she uses it.  It is worth the effort to scroll and find these videos  in the channel feed, they are the “jewels” of the channel.

The Hauls and Empties

Jessica films lots of hauls.  Her grocery hauls are usually from several different stores and many include a meal plan.  She will tell how she plans to use the item in the meal plan or in the family day to day, such as, kids’ school lunches, etc.  Jessica also hauls home fragrances, such as, candles and wax melts.  She has home fragrance and collections videos in addition to empties videos.   She regularly buys beauty items and her empties videos are the best place to see what she purchased as she thoroughly reviews the items and posts regularly.

Everything Else

Jessica’s vlogs are fun and interesting.  She engages with the viewer as I imagine she would a friend she is visiting with for the day.  Often she will put several days on one video.  She has done several tags, projects and challenges.  She approaches these with the same enthusiasm as her other video and follows through with her updates and finale videos.   She has “quick look”, get ready with me, makeup tutorial videos along with some DIYs.

Jessica gives her viewers loads of content on a regular basis.  She is relaxed, focused and very fun to listen to and watch.  She really enjoys her channel and responds to viewers requests.  Thanks for reading this post and head on over to enjoy Jessica’s content at Coffee to Wine!


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