Kristina Braly – A Beautiful Luxurious Life

The Channel

Kristina Braly is the woman behind her eponymous channel.  She is a beauty and luxury lifestyle vlogger.  A step inside her world is like dipping a toe in a world most of us can only view through a screen.  Her channel is a great mix of beauty, luxury, fashion, travel and vlogs about her life.  Her videos are fun to watch and well-edited.  The hauls are superb.  She has impeccable taste and her hauls reflect it.  She is married to “HB” as she calls him and lives in North Carolina with HB and her cute little yorkie, Gidget. She and HB are expecting a baby.  She is the head of Anesthesiology at a busy hospital and works long hours.  But, she makes time to post videos regularly.  Her channel joined YouTube in March, 2010 as Pretty Shiny Sparkly and then she rebranded as Kristina Braly later.

The Hauls

Kristina hauls loads of fancy stuff from high end brands, such as, Gucci, Chanel, Hermes, Prada and Alexander McQueen just to name a few.  Her unboxings bring the viewer up close and personal with the whole experience of receiving a Hermes handbag in the mail.  She orders loads of items online completing haul and try on videos for our viewing pleasure.  Here is a recent ASOS haul and try on to help her viewers who are  not the ideal model size determine how to choose sizes with the best chance of success.   And, sometimes a girl just has to go to the mall on a rainy day and shop at Chanel.  Most days I wear a fanny pack and orthopedic shoes, but I love to watch her hauls!  Heck, she even hauled her new SUV.


Her makeup hauls are a real treat.  She shops Sephora like a pro, hauling Bare Minerals, Urban Decay, Kate Sommerville, Kevin Aucoin, Ole Henrickssen and numerous others.  She filmed  a massive Sephora VIB haul which is fun to watch.   Hand in hand with the hauls are a slew of get ready with me videos and tutorials. All full of information and lots of interesting chat.  She also hauls and reviews drugstore brands.  Here again, I have not worn make up on a regular basis since the early ‘90s, however, I love to watch her beauty hauls, reviews and get ready with me videos.

Other Fun Stuff

A few side notes, Kristina has a playlist devoted to planners and planning. The content is helpful and well-produced.  She has done Vlogmas and Vleekmas and the videos are well worth the viewing time.  The viewer can see how hard she and her husband work, yet they make time for each other, friends, family and her viewers.

The Kristina Braly channel is a treat for the eyes and is full of useful, fun, fantastical content.  Thank you for reading the blog. Step into Kristina’s world and enjoy the luxury!



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