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The Channel

The MissCrystal channel started on youTube in February, 2010. The channel began as MissCrystalBeauty, giving you a hint at the channel’s content at its inception.  The channel has evolved into a beauty, lifestyle, fashion and cruise channel.  Crystal hauls beauty items, clothing, shoes, jewelry (she is a Stella and Dot stylist), groceries and household items among others.  Her fashion hauls often include a try on portion either by video or photo.  She has a casual, relaxed style in front of the camera. She has videos on cooking and organization also.

The Hauls

Her hauls are full of information and valuable content.  The description boxes are incredibly detailed.  She really cares about her viewers noting brands of makeup and the clothing and accessories she is wearing in the video with links to the items included.  If an item is no longer available, she tries to find a substitute, currently available.  Impressive!

The beauty and fashion hauls are numerous and full of relevant information about the products she hauls. https://youtu.be/UcKj1XvUYoE  She has many review and favorites videos relating to beauty and fashion along with get ready with me videos. https://youtu.be/3AB4fpwL_a4  She updates the products she is using regularly and most of her favorites videos include television show and book recommendations. She has special conditions with her skin and she shares her treatment plans, the therapies and products used. https://youtu.be/O3RuGuPjado

Crystal has an updated classic style. She hauls high end items right along with her Target finds, mixing and matching with elegance and ease.  Her jewelry hauls include many pieces from the Stella and Dot collection.  She often offers discounts and giveaways.  Apparently, many of her viewers have become her customers.  

Her grocery hauls are small.  Often items other than groceries are included.  She gives the viewer an idea of how the groceries will be prepared and we get a general idea of her healthy eating style. https://youtu.be/jQTPvkdvQbU


As a side note, her cruise videos are fun to watch and chock full of specifics on how to get the most out of a cruise.  She tells her viewers how to prepare for a cruise from the cruise line and/or specific ship to book, how to pack for a cruise, and even the unexpected expenses which may arise.  She posts cruise outfit of the day videos.   Watch the cruise videos and dream of the luxury!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post!  Visit Crystal for some fun and glamor!  Let me know who you watch, I love discovering new “haulers.”

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