Tami Dunn-The Channel, The Woman

The Channel

Tami Dunn is a channel and Tami Dunn has a channel.  Looking for a lot of quality content?  I mean a lot of content, Tami Dunn (the channel) is the one.  Tami (the woman) calls her channel a “family” channel and that is exactly what it is.  Viewers meet her husband, Kevin, her daughter, Ashley, her son, Andrew, his wife, Christina, and their two adorable children, Tami and Kevin’s grandchildren, Gavin and Amelia.  They have a pug, Guido, and two cats.  They live in central Kentucky.  The channel has over 26,000 subscribers and almost 14 million views.  Their recipe/cooking video on fried ice cream alone has over a million views. https://youtu.be/DsLVsoJhOjA  Tami’s playlists are full of a little bit of everything.

The Hauls

The hauls are the genesis for much of the channel’s content.  She, Kevin and Ashley haul groceries, household items, clothes and loads of other stuff from a wide variety of grocery, department, convenience and speciality stores.  A haul is downloaded weekly and usually encompasses items from at least two stores.  Tami is down-to-earth and funny.  She goes through the items with her usual self-depreciating comments.  When she hauls a huge package of toilet paper she says, “you would think ten people live here.”  She hauls on camera and off usually with Kevin filming.  Her grocery hauls are classic. https://youtu.be/qvFTOiPOKJ8  Her Bath and Bodyworks hauls are epic. https://youtu.be/Bc6SuRooTj4 The Dunns also save bundles of cash at Kohl’s hauling many items for a fraction of their retail prices. https://youtu.be/3LVRU5NjZzk  She and Kevin took a dream trip to the UK in 2016. They hauled and vlogged throughout the whole trip.  The hauls in the hotel rooms in the UK are so fun! 

The Reviews and Taste Tests

A big part of her channel involves reviews of all sorts of food items-sweet, savory, crunchy, gooey, hot and cold to name a few.  And, there are the blind taste tests where one or more of the Dunns donn cute little masks and conduct “blind” taste tests of items either hauled or sent to them by one of their many followers or companies sending items for review.  They compare brands “blind” often revealing a store brand as the best tasting and most economical of the bunch.  The reviews are thoughtful, informed and honest. https://youtu.be/qnwABVv0I6U  All of this is meticulously cataloged in one of the numerous playlists.

If a food item is packaged and distributed and the Dunn’s can find it, they usually try it.  They often try products and review products as requested by viewers.  Tami goes online to find items she cannot find locally.  Her loyal viewers send the family loads of goodies from all around the world.  She has followers in Germany, Australia and just about everywhere else.  If a brand of candy has five flavors, she and her family find all five, if possible, and review them together. The channel is a wealth of information about any packaged product on the market. The Dunns prepare and eat a lot of processed food.  Kevin has a channel, Lunchtime Review, in which he prepares, eats and reviews loads of prepared meals.  I have purchased and my sons have  tried several items the Dunns have hauled and reviewed.  Many of the products I have found locally, but would have never tried but for the reviews. The Dunns have, no doubt, saved many a viewer money by reviewing so many items.  Additionally, they have given all of us ideas for new and fun food to try.

Wrap Up

The sheer amount of content she and the family generates is overwhelming.  In addition to the hauls, reviews and blind taste tests, there are restaurant reviews, vlogs, outings, what I ate videos, book readings and home renovations.  Tami works hard and I can only imagine the schedule she keeps.  Additionally, there is a whole part of the channel about her weight loss and weight loss maintenance, including exercises.  She brings it all to her viewers with her usual positive attitude and matter of fact delivery.  There are loads of cooking and recipe videos.  Watching her look through the boxes her viewers send is a real treat.  Kevin usually opens the box and hands her the items.  They are an adorable couple and their teamwork, devotion and love for each other and the work they do shines through.  Tami cares about her viewers answering virtually all the comments timely.  She has answered mine within a day more than five times.

Watch Tami Dunn, the channel, and marvel at the work of Tami Dunn, the woman and her beautiful family.

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  1. Thank you so much for watching my channel! It means so much to me that you enjoy the videos I post. I know what you mean about finding new foods! I love watching grocery hauls & seeing new things that I want to try. I hope you enjoy blogging! I did it for five years and really enjoyed it.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, Tami! I do love your channel:) True confessions, I have watched all your hauls, what I ate and vlogs during a Tami Dunn binge watch. I love the blogging and your commenting makes it especially great!!

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