Hello friends! Welcome to the website about all things “haul.” I started watching YouTube hauls on a regular basis in June, 2016. After a few goes at it, I was hooked! I love to watch hauls!  It is the fact of the haul that grabs me. I enjoy seeing and am intensely interested in the products people choose to bring home and use. I love it when the hauler tells us how she will use the product, whether it’s food, makeup, clothing or anything else. I use “she” because the vast majority of the haulers I watch are women. But, men are haulers too.

There are so many different types of hauls to choose from and I discover new types of hauls all the time. Grocery hauls, discount store hauls (Dollar Tree, anyone?), beauty hauls (discount to high end), home products hauls (organizational items, decorative items and everything in between), high end hauls ($2,500 purses!) If it can be bought, found or obtained in any way, there is the possibility of a haul video.

Also, I’ll post about videos showing empties, favorites, what’s in my bag, what I ate, get ready with me, outfit of the day and the like. These videos are hauls, too. After all, if we are eating it, using it, wearing it and/or carrying it around, at one point it was hauled. Anything these content creators choose to bring home, I want to see it.

My goal is to provide a positive forum for sharing my fascination with hauls and haulers. I want to know who you like to watch, what types of haul videos you enjoy and why you like to watch hauls. Each week, I will post about a hauler including a brief description of the channel and the hauls.

So join me as I engage in my favorite form of entertainment: The Haul!

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