AmbersFamilyof4 – Southern Sweetheart

The Channel

AmbersFamilyof4 gives the viewer a chance to get to know Amber and to see how she manages full-time work and school while taking care of her family, husband, Dennis and her sons, Isaac and Andre.  Amber puts up videos consistently and the channel has loads of content.  Her thumbnails are great!  She hauls groceries weekly and many hauls include meal plans. Amber is a planner and has planner hauls and plan with me videos.  The channel has clothing hauls and try ons.  There are a few day in the life videos and other content, such as, product reviews and taste tests.  Amber’s southern accent, she is from Mississippi, is so engaging.

The Hauls

Amber shops primarily at Walmart and Kroger.  She usually does a weekly haul and explains how the items will be used in her meal plan.  If the viewer enjoys binge-watching grocery hauls, check out Amber’s grocery haul playlist.  It has over one hundred grocery hauls.  She is faithful to upload a video weekly and has done so for years. She hauls a good mix of whole and prepared foods.

Unboxings and Etsy

Amber subscribes to the Planner Addict box and shares those hauls along with other  unboxings from online shopping, such as, ThredUp.  She also shops for planner supplies on Etsy and shares those hauls as well.  Amber loves stickers!  

This and That

There is loads of other content on the channel.  Amber shares her weight loss story, tag videos, favorites,  product reviews and taste tests. One review in which her husband and a friend of his conduct a blind taste test of Dollar Tree items versus name brand items, complete with duct taped glasses, is hilarious.  Her Q and A videos answer viewers’ questions with candor.

AmbersFamilyof4 is a fun channel full of hauls and other interesting content.  Amber is very relaxed and confident on camera.  She is a devoted wife and mother while working and going to school full time.  Amber engages with her viewers regularly and promptly responds to comments.  She cares about her community and does her part to nurture it.  Check out her channel and explore Amber’s world.  Thank you for reading this post!

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