hkitty1122 – Meet Melissa

The Channel

Melissa is a the sweetie behind the channel, hkitty1122.  The channel joined YouTube in 2010 as a beauty channel and it includes many fashion and lifestyle videos as well.  Melissa is married to Andres and has three adorable girls.  They live in San Antonio, Texas.  She is a labor and delivery nurse, does taxes during tax season, runs a successful Etsy shop and who knows what all else.  She has uploaded content regularly since 2010.  The channel has a playlist, however, I prefer to watch from the feed.  I am crazy about the channel and the content!   Hauls abound on the channel in addition to other great content.

The Hauls

Melissa hauls beauty, fashion and household items.  She shops for beauty items at Ulta, Sephora, CVS and lots of other places. Her hauls usually include mini reviews of the products.  She presents the products on camera.   Additionally, she hauls loads of products from Bath and Body Works and regularly shops there using coupons.  She gives lots of tips on stacking coupons and conducting multiple transactions to get the best value.    She loves Target!  Her Target hauls include visits to Bullseye’s Playground for bargains of all kinds.    

Melissa’s fashion hauls include purchases from all manner of retailers who sell plus size clothing.  She finds loads of really cute clothing and accessories, a lot of it from Walmart.  She hauls some very cute items from Target and Torrid as well.  Sometimes she will do a try on haul.   Melissa looks great and she shops and dresses well.  She can really put together an outfit!

The Empties and Favorites

Her beauty empties videos are so interesting.   She uses everything from high end to Dollar Tree beauty products.  She gives a review of what she uses and whether she would repurchase.  Her empties videos have been a regular feature of her channel for years.  She keeps the empties until she can film a video so sometimes the viewer treated to a nice long watch.  If a product does not fit with her skin or hair, she gives ideas for the type of skin or hair for which it would work.  Very helpful!  Her favorites videos are comprehensive and give good examples of products to try.   

Other Great Content

There is lots of other informative and fun content on the channel. Her get ready with me videos are fascinating.   I do not even wear makeup and I love to watch them!   I especially like that she includes before makeup and after makeup pictures in the thumbnails.  She is a beauty, no matter the makeup, but the transformations are impressive.  Her outfit of the day videos give a peek at how she styles the clothing she hauls.   Again, she puts it all together so well and makes it look easy.  

She does subscription box unboxings, such as, Pinch Me, Boxy Charm and Ipsy, among others.   It is fun to watch her go through the products, predicting what she may or may not like.  Her declutter videos are so helpful with specifics on each product.   Further, they may motivate someone else to declutter as she is so happy once it’s done.  Finally, do not miss her what I got for Christmas videos, she has done one every year since 2010.    Her goodie boxes from Gramma are classic and an endearing tradition to follow.  

Want to See More?

Yes, please!  Melissa vlogs daily on her channel hkittyVLOGS. There you will meet and get to know her sweet family.  Plus, she has several grocery hauls in a playlist and loads more in the feed.   She has vlogged everyday since December 1, 2015.  Melissa gives us a delightful peek into her day to day and it is a real treat!  I am a big fan of both channels. Melissa is so sweet and engaging.  Her family is adorable and getting to watch them interact is so relaxing and enjoyable. Thank you for reading this blog and let me know in the comments some haulers you enjoy watching.  Go visit Melissa at either channel and prepare to delight!  


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