One Tired Mom 41 – Savvy Shopping Car Hauler

The Channel

OneTiredMom41 is Lori’s channel and her mission is to bring the best of “the 99” to her viewers along with her other great bargain shopping hauls.  “The 99” is a nickname for the 99 Cents Only store, a California based chain with about 400 stores.  She works close to a 99 and shops often usually on her lunch hour and she visits lots of other 99s, too.   She regularly shops the Dollar Tree,  bringing hauls to the viewers primarily from her car.  She also shops Costco, Target and Winco.  Other shops and hauls are included.  

She does regular empties videos and reviews of items and products.  She lives in California, is married to Vince and has three children, one of whom, Victoria,  we see regularly.  Sometimes her hubby and daughter take over the channel and put up a haul.  She has a few vlogs and cooking videos, too.    

Car Hauls?

I had never seen a car haul until I watched Lori.  I was immediately intrigued…why is she in her car…I kept pondering.  I searched “car hauls” and found out it was something others did too!  Lori does not have a playlist so I tried to make one of my own for her videos, gave up and jumped right into the feed.  So glad I did!  The channel has lots of great content and Lori is so much fun to watch.  Her relaxed manner in front of the camera gives the impression that she is talking directly to each viewer personally. I like that. She made a very funny video explaining why she hauls from her car.

The Hauls

Lori hauls everything.  Apparently, she does the shopping for the majority of her hauls  and films the videos, during her lunch breaks.  She regularly says, “I have seven (or five or six or ten) minutes to get back to work.”  She shops regularly at The 99 Cents Only store which sells everything, including produce.  Lori puts her hauls up in time for those with access to a 99 to check locally for the same items.  She has an eye for brands and finds many real gems among the usual dollar store fare.  She shares many Dollar Tree hauls as well finding name brand items regularly.  


Her empties videos are usually chock full of all types of beauty and household items.  Lori puts the empties in her car until she has time to film a haul.  In fact, after a car accident which totalled her car, she removed the bags of empties she had been driving around with and put them in the trunk of the replacement car then filmed the haul!  Dedicated youtuber!  She chats and dishes about the items with clarity and candor.

The Vlogs

The vlogs are lots of fun even when not much is happening.  Lori is tired for a reason, she does a lot in a day.  She is devoted to her family, friends and viewers and her care comes through in the hauls and vlogs.

Lori shares her shopping trips and her life with her viewers. Watch and see how she packs it all into a day.  Thank you for reading this blog and enjoy the channel!

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    1. Thank you for your comment! Yes, it is sad that the videos are not available. I have tried to find out why, but no luck there. Hopefully, Lori will put them back up and you can enjoy them.

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