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The Channel

Grocery hauls are the haul of choice on a Pinch of Healthy. Marjorie shops at Publix, Costco and Trader Joe’s, among others, sometimes with one or both of her adorable, young children in tow.  Hubby comes along on occasion.  Marjorie is based in Birmingham, Alabama  joining YouTube in 2013.  She has an engaging southern accent and her attitude is always positive and uplifting.  She participates regularly in the comments section of the channel.  

The Hauls

Marjorie’s hauls are special because she is not only a youtuber but a professional food blogger as well. https://www.apinchofhealthy.com/   The best way to watch her content is to look through the channel’s feed.   She gives lots of tips and ideas in her hauls letting her viewers in on the magic behind her recipes.  Many times, if she hauls a processed item, she will mention her homemade version recipe and link to it in the description box.  Marjorie vlogs some of the shopping trips. She gets the good stuff!  Her Trader Joe’s hauls are especially interesting because she can find things there many of us have probably never noticed.  Grass-fed beef in the frozen food section? Yes, it is. Here is one I enjoyed,  https://youtu.be/lXWsRqTh-rk  Costco is another regular stop. https://youtu.be/rkrKYqGwXRQ  

Intuitive Eating

Marjorie’s videos on intuitive eating are thoughtful and thought-provoking.  Marjorie decided last year, after another round of dieting, to ditch the diets and practice intuitive eating.  She explains the plan well and has done her research. https://youtu.be/R1xwF8PI8zM   These videos are a must watch for anyone who has ever struggled with weight and food issues. Her gentle, non-judgmental approach is engaging and informative.  

Everything Marjorie

Her other content is very engaging as well.  She has a playlist of “minute” recipes which are time-lapse cooking videos and fun to watch.  Her recipes and tutorials are well-filmed and edited. They are full of useful recipes which are easy to follow.  Her vlogs are interesting and fun to watch.  She goes through her days with her family and she even takes us on vacation.  

She vlogs, she records recipes and tutorials, she has a little nail polish obsession, she is a pro at using the Instant Pot, and she is an intuitive eater. Marjorie gets a lot done in a day!  Watch A Pinch of Healthy if you love a good grocery haul.  Explore the playlist for great recipes and a whole lot more.  Thank you for reading this blog and go visit Marjorie at A Pinch of Healthy!


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