Center Station – All Aboard!

The Channel

Center Station is the YouTube home for the Center family.  Angie and Joe are parents to Jacob, Rebekah and John.  The channel has loads of content about all different aspects of the life of a busy family of five.  Center Station joined YouTube in April, 2015.  The family lives in Northwest Ohio near Lake Erie.  Since starting the channel, the family has vlogged almost daily, including hauls and daily vlogs.

The Hauls

Angie is a stay-at-home mom and does most of the grocery shopping, usually with at least one child in tow.  She shops primarily at Aldi, Costco, Kroger and Walmart.  She introduces the hauls on camera then shows the products and explains how the item will be used.  Angie bargain shops and does many price and quality comparisons between her chosen stores. She shops with a meal plan in mind. Sometimes, Joe will film the haul.  Many of the hauls include vlogs of the shopping trips.  Angie tries to shop for healthy items while keeping her children’s palates in mind.

Center Life

There is so much to learn about the Center family and the content is wide ranging.  For example, Angie was a first grade teacher before she became a stay-at-home mom.  Joe is an attorney and he makes drums as hobby.

Angie cooks a lot of meals.  There is a playlist of cooking and meal videos and they are full of helpful information about both cooking from scratch and convenience cooking.  Joe makes pizza on Friday nights.  The family has dinner together most nights and makes it a priority.

The videos show crafts, organizational hacks, activities and much more. It is clear from the channel content that the Centers are committed to their family and home life.  They are documenting the years and, no doubt, enjoy looking at all they do together.  The videos are well-filmed and edited.  The introductions are cute and engaging and the ending or “outro” is great!  There is a lot of interaction with the viewers and a question is usually posed in the videos to encourage this engagement.

Thank you for reading the blog. Watch Center Station to get to know the Center family and see their daily lives, projects, trials and lots of family fun!

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