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The Channel

DeeVine DeeZine joined YouTube in April, 2008.  Deena is a mother to two young adults and wife to a law enforcement officer. She posts a ton of content and has done so for years.  The channel has all manner of videos including couponing tutorials and hauls, grocery and household hauls, DIY tutorials, reviews, lots of beauty items, vlogs and more.  The family is involved in the vlogs and some of the other content, but the channel is Deena’s.  This blog will focus on a particular playlist entitled, “Worth A Buck?” which is a review of dollar store items.

Worth A Buck?

This playlist is a real treat for anyone interested in whether a dollar store product actually performs as represented.  Deena chooses various and sundry dollar store items and then puts them to the test.  Her reviews are extensive, comprehensive, and fun to watch.  Sometimes, her husband will help with the review.  The videos are short and include Deena’s conclusion on whether or not the product is worth the dollar.  

More Deena

The channel is rich with content.  There are numerous reviews which are very detailed and helpful.  The DIY videos are informative and the videos on home interior painting are creative and detailed.  There is a lot to watch and Deena presents each video with enthusiasm.  She has a sing song, folksy manner.  The “Worth A Buck?” concept and execution are brilliant!  Thank you for reading this blog and check out DeeVine DeeZine’s “Worth A Buck?” for fun and helpful reviews of dollar store items.  


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    1. You are so welcome!! Your “Worth a Buck?” is so useful, fun and informative. I have wondered so many times while browsing through a dollar store whether a product is “worth a buck.” Thank you for your comment and great content!! Looking forward to more from you in the new year:)

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