Found in Alaska – On Fridays, We Vlog

The Channel

Found in Alaska joined YouTube in January, 2010.  Susannah is the vlogger; she chronicles life in Alaska with her husband Tom and their dog, Petunia.  Susannah was born and raised in Alaska and her channel gives the viewer a great perspective of life in this beautiful state.  The channel is primarily vlogs. She vlogs her weekends and does special videos relating to meal prep, weight loss, trips (Ireland, anyone?), family visits with her parents, and church services, among other things.  The channel has lots of interesting content and is fun to watch.

The Hauls

Susannah occasionally does a traditional haul, however, almost every vlog includes trips to the grocery store, trips to Target (Susannah loves Target) and various other shopping trips.  Her meal preparation videos are informative and full of great ideas for lunches and dinners.  

She is a bargain shopper for everything, especially clothing.  Susannah really brings home the bargains!   It is a bonus to have so much content in the vlogs.  The viewer can watch a shop with me and a haul.

All the Rest

Susannah brings a beautiful presence to YouTube.  Even when she struggles, which she shares in her vlogs, her attitude is positive and uplifting.  It is such a treat to watch how excited she gets the people, events, and plans she makes and things she encounters.  Susannah shares the wonders of her beautiful home state.  A big part of her life and her husband’s life is focused on eating healthy (low carb) and weight loss.  Both she and Tom have lost large amounts of weight and they continue to follow an eating plan.  There is a playlist on fighting obesity which full of great information and motivation.  Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and go visit Susannah in her beautiful Alaska!

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