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The Channel

LemonadeMom began on youTube in February, 2016 and its creator, Vanessa, has put up a video everyday since.  Vanessa is the mother of four who generates content like a house afire.  Her husband, Doug, is right there in the mix, too.  Vanessa is very good with viewer communication, engaging the viewer with questions and responding to viewers’ questions and comments timely.  The content includes lots and lots of hauls.  Grocery hauls, clothing hauls, household hauls and just about any haul a viewer could imagine.  There are unboxings.  Lots and lots of unboxings, well over one hundred subscription box unboxings alone.  There are reviews and taste testings adding to the mix. The channel subscriber count is rising rapidly.  Oh, and there is another channel just for vlogs,  LemonadeFun.  Her family is natural and relaxed on camera.   

The Hauls

The grocery hauls are full of, well, groceries and lots of talk about who eats what and how.  Vanessa plans meals and shares the plans for three meals a day plus snacks for all six members of the family.  She shops at lots of different stores and compares prices regularly.  In fact, she and the family did an experiment in comparison shopping.  They ate basically the same menu for four weeks in a row, shopping for the food at four different stores to compare prices. Here is the last haul in that series and a comparison of prices,  https://youtu.be/CX3oqBC3o6s . That’s dedication to the viewers!  

She coupons most of the time and has saved loads of money.  She has experimented with shopping monthly,  including small weekly hauls to fill in the gaps.  She has lowered her grocery bill substantially by planning and careful shopping. https://youtu.be/Gaj_hCI89tY https://youtu.be/u1ZbA721lEA She puts up the grocery hauls on Mondays often filming the haul late at night.  The grocery hauls do not include the foods the family taste tests to keep the element of surprise for the viewers. Smart lady!  There are plenty of other hauls as well. https://youtu.be/uVPLWxe8Dho (Dollar Tree) https://youtu.be/vQj8K0ZoyGo (Target Dollar Spot)

Subscription Box Unboxings

All the traditional hauls are great, but the most remarkable of the “hauling” videos are those in which Vanessa and the family unbox and haul all the numerous items received in their subscription boxes.  There are a bunch of videos dedicated to their subscription box openings and hauls. They receive food subscription boxes such as, Universal Yums, Graze, Candy Club, and Love With Food just to touch the surface.  Here are a couple of good examples of food subscription box hauls:   https://youtu.be/PMaAOn7rZlE (Love with Food) https://youtu.be/5zTKbOc0Aq0 (Graze.)   There are kids’ toys and clothing subscription box hauls.  https://youtu.be/DeW5KNkfiwo (Nerd Block JR Girls) https://youtu.be/DeW5KNkfiwo (ThredUp Box Kids)   

Then there are the “grown-up” subscription box hauls, primarily clothing, women’s and men’s, but also some unusual boxes, such as the “horror” box. https://youtu.be/d7SHPTD6F7g  This family has been on a subscription box roll!  The Stitch Fix boxes have their own playlist and the viewer is treated to a comprehensive review and try on of each item.  Anyone ever considering a subscription box should check out this playlist.  A really great touch is that we are treated to at least two of each kind of box to get a good idea of the contents.

There is a lot more to this channel than hauls, but if you like a good, long haul, check out LemonadeMom.  Thank you for reading this blog and enjoy the fun with the Lemonade family!

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    1. Thank you so much for the comment! I can tell you are having fun. It is fun to watch you and the family. Your channel is really growing. Best of luck to you.

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