Unscripted Life – Shopping, Park Hopping and Living Life

The Channel

Unscripted Life, formerly With the Donohos, is one of the channels hosted by Amy Donoho, who has a passion for family, Disney and cruising, among other things.  The channel joined YouTube in May, 2012.  The Donohos, Amy and Elizabeth,  live in the Orlando area and have three children between them. Unscripted Life documents the family’s travels, family life, trips to Walt Disney World and much more.  Elizabeth Donoho, was actively involved in the videos up until a few months ago. Currently, Amy is running the channel along with Mahnara, Elizabeth’s daughter, who also considers Amy her mom. For purposes of this blog, I am reviewing the channel prior to Elizabeth’s exit. When I refer to “they” or “them,” I am including Amy as she was a part of the videos I reference.

The hauls are primarily Disney hauls but also include other retailers.  They shop at the Disney parks but also the Disney outlet and other places selling Disney themed items, most notably, Etsy.  The vlogs include the shopping trips and are fun to watch.  The sisters also have a channel where they vlog their cruises called Sea Cruisers, a channel where they vlog the shops and available merchandise, including prices, at Disney World called Disney Shopaholic and another channel where they vlog about Disney pins and pin trading called Pin Life.  These ladies are busy!   

The Hauls

Wow! The Donohos really know how to shop for Disney goodies. They go to the parks but also the Disney outlet and the Disney Cast Members outlet. https://youtu.be/V4PoWqs0cUc  They haul everything Disney!  It is especially fun to watch the vlogs of their shopping trips. https://youtu.be/rngfZOXDQfo  The channel also includes hauls of items (Mickey ears, anyone?) they purchase on Etsy. https://youtu.be/cYumYui7Vfg  They showcase some of their Mickey ears collection  when they vlog their first Disney cruise on their Sea Cruisers channel. https://youtu.be/i09weLL4bag?list=PLL-as_2sxObJag-OOTuK6K3C2zPkNB9K_  Such fun!  The sisters also haul their purchases at Disney World parks. https://youtu.be/p6cPmb_yvyk  

Everything Donoho

The hauls are only a small part of the massive amount of content the Donohos generate over the four channels.  However, any viewer interested in visiting Walt Disney World or going on a cruise would do well to watch all the channels.  Many youtubers vlog and haul Disney, however, no one does it like the Donohos. The playlists are extensive and well-maintained so it is easy to find a specific video.  Unscripted Life is a great place to get to know the family as they document so much of their lives.  The Sisters Talk playlist will answer almost any question a viewer might have about their family and how they are living the dream right next to Walt Disney World.  All the channels are fascinating and it is hard to believe how much they document, edit, and post. The sheer volume of content is incredible!  I love watching the channels and seeing the family. Thank you for reading this blog and please go to Unscripted Life, Sea Cruisers, Disney Shopaholic, and Pin Life to enjoy the Donohos and their adventures.

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  1. Love Elizabeth and Amy, and their shows. But I must say that you WASTE a lot of food, enough to feed a lot of children. The question is WHY??? If you think you won’t like the item leave it, and please take bite size portions. Elizabeth, I am so sorry about your separation, hope everything will work out for both of you.

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