Alicia Nicole – California Cutie

The Channel

Alicia Nicole is the face behind the channel of the same name.  She lives in California with her husband Tyler and a couple of cute and curious dogs.  The channel focuses on her hauls, reviews and DIY projects.  She shops primarily at Dollar Tree, the 99 Cent Only store and Daiso (occasionally.)  Her DIY projects use items she finds at one of these stores or on the cheap somewhere else.  She is so pretty, engaging and funny.  Her on camera style is chatty and charming. She joined YouTube at the end of 2009.  Her playlists, as of this blog, appear to be under construction or perhaps she is discontinuing them.  The best way to watch the channel is to jump into the feed.

The Hauls

Most of her hauls are done on camera with her presenting and talking about the products. She hauls beauty, household, decorative  and some food items, among other things.–c  She also does walk arounds in which she goes through a store, takes pictures and edits them together into a video.  These are engaging, fun and economical for her.  Just goes to show, a walk around can be almost as fun as a haul.

The Reviews

Her reviews are thorough and honest.  She has tried loads of beauty products often wearing the product to test it even though she may not have even enjoyed it.  She does this for her viewers to save them money and time.  Sweet!

The DIYs

Alicia has really stepped up her DIY game.  She tries DIY projects she finds on other channels or Pinterest. . She also has many original DIY projects which are very creative and fun. . The girl is talented!  Another novel idea she presents is to decorate her bar cart seasonally.  Alicia often does this with items costing only a dollar.  She posts videos of the cart and they are superb.

Get to Know the Girl

Finally, watch her tag video on The Secret Life of a Dollar Tree Hauler for a great peek inside her life and inspiration for her hauls. Alicia Nicole has a wonderful screen presence and she gives her viewers many helpful tips, tricks and inspiration for making life better for only a buck.  Thank you for reading this blog and enjoy Alicia Nicole!


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