The Freer Family – One Big Happy

The Channel

The Freer family is a large extended family living together in England.  The Freers have nine children and several grandchildren.  At any given time, there are all the children and one or more of the grandchildren living in the home.  The father and driving force behind the channel is Gary.  His wife, Kirsty, is a lovely, quiet lady who always seems so calm and collected. They are both hilarious! Gary constantly cracks jokes and runs the camera.  Kirsty goes along but her little comments are witty and insightful. Kirsty has taken to filming in more recent videos and seeing the family through her eyes gives the viewer another perspective on the family.  The channel includes lots of grocery shopping hauls (large and small), clothing hauls, lots of cooking, Slimming World (a UK diet program) weigh-ins, and numerous vlogs on a variety of topics. Add in the fun, for the U.S. viewers, of hearing the accents and the idioms.  There is a playlist, but jump right into the feed for the best viewing.

The Freer’s started the channel in 2012.  Gary explains that they began the channel after most of their family photos were unintentionally destroyed.  He credits Kirsty for the idea as a way to preserve family memories and make them easily accessible.  The channel has grown dramatically since the family started awarding five pound (about $6.25) “vouchers” or gift cards to viewers for guessing the monetary amounts of the hauls.  They also award gift cards for the closest guesses on the amount of weight lost each week by members of the family on the Slimming World diet.  Brilliant idea!!

The Hauls

The grocery shopping hauls are from various shops in the UK, such as Asda, Tesco and Lidl, among others.  The Freers also shop Aldi regularly.  There is a vlog associated with each haul.  Gary usually takes one or more of the children along for the hauls.  Kirsty goes as well, however, the running joke is that she does not enjoy grocery shopping.  Gary provides a running commentary on the items, the food available and his current dietary restrictions.  Funny!  The hauls run from around sixty pounds and up.  It is incredible to see how much food is required to feed such a large family.

The clothing hauls are epic.  Clothing shopping for nine children, numerous grandchildren and themselves is not for the faint-hearted.  The shopping takes hours.  Gary admits he hates clothing shopping, but when he is along he is very good-spirited and humorous.   The clothing purchased is all spread out on a bed and Gary does the hauls, again with his hilarious running commentary.

Cooking for the Family

The cooking videos are so fascinating.  Gary films his cooking for the family and he is quite good at it.  He plans and shops then cooks to order.  He shows the plating and serving.  It is fascinating to watch the whole process from the shopping to the final plating.  The family gathers and enjoys the meal!

More Fun

The easy, relaxed style of the videos makes for interesting and entertaining viewing. The warm and good-natured family welcomes the viewers right into the fold. The family vlogs are wonderful!  The Slimming World weigh-ins are not to be missed.  No matter where the viewer goes on the channel, good content awaits.   

Thank you for reading and enjoy getting to know the Freers! Please comment below with your favorite hauler.

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