Katie Cooks and Crafts – Yes, She Does!

The Channel

Katie started her wonderful channel in January, 2014 and she gives the viewer a ton of valuable content for healthy cooking, gardening, crafting, meal preparation and planning and lots of other things. Katie is married with two young children. Katie has been dairy free for over a decade and she offers substitutions for dairy quite often. Her creativity in the kitchen and the garden is astounding!  She bakes, ferments, uses loads of interesting ingredients and generally kills it in the kitchen.  She is a skilled at crochet and sewing and has numerous interesting tutorials on both. Her content is well-catalogued on playlists making it easy to find a specific video.

The Hauls

The channel has a long playlist of grocery hauls which includes trips to Costco, H Mart, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, farmers’ markets, local farms, and others.  Her hauls rarely contain processed food, she explains how she will use the items, and often includes a meal plan. https://youtu.be/Ks_-x2vKHug  Her farm hauls are especially interesting. https://youtu.be/2klTCA5uA5U  The channel’s food prep videos show the items she has hauled and are fascinating. https://youtu.be/iuyRPSEY8DY

Katie also hauls items she has purchased at thrift stores. https://youtu.be/FFaOEoIaIQ8 She finds the bargains!

There are reviews of dairy free items on a playlist which are very thorough.  https://youtu.be/muGQ73hfQ-s?list=PLIkZ4zAexhQntTM4_-bSipONhw80UIDLg

Cooking as a Craft

Watching Katie work in her kitchen, I marvel at her drive and ingenuity.  She bakes bread (sourdough anyone), she ferments just about anything (kimchi, no problem), she prepares healthy meals almost everyday using items hauled and produce from her garden. Her use of 75 pounds of apples from an orchard is astounding! https://youtu.be/PF0I7YC99Ow Katie’s vlogs are interesting and fun to watch.  She visits the garden, cooks, hangs out her laundry on her clothesline and rarely sits down. https://youtu.be/NqNuur6oNZo  Heck, she even fixes her washer more than once!  Her creativity is unlimited and exploring the channel’s content is a view inside this highly resourceful mom living her healthy life and caring for her family.  Thank you for reading this blog and enjoy Katie Cooks and Crafts!

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