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The Channel

Sometimes Glam joined YouTube in October, 2014. Crystal Coons is the glamorous vlogger, model, on-air personality, blogger, shopper, wife and Phoenix, Arizona based force behind the channel.  The above description just touches the surface of what she brings to the internet.  She started fashion and beauty blogging back in 2000 and her brand has evolved from there.  She’s been in the game a long time and brings all that experience to her channel.  She primarily hauls fashion for the plus size viewer but she does favorites videos which include beauty items as well.  She vlogs trips and special occasions which are really well done and fun to watch.  Her husband is her photographer for many of her look book photos and the they are beautiful.  The videos are well edited and she is a wonder in front of the camera bringing positive and lively energy.  She launched her own clothing line, Astra Signature, in June, 2017

The Hauls

Crystal brings home the goods!  She hauls clothing from a variety of retailers, higher to lower priced, including Asos, Forever 21, BooHoo, Misguided, Torrid and many others.  Her hauls include try ons which are shown in an insert at the top of the screen.   Her style is edgy and classy at the same time.  She loves a great “body con” dress or jumpsuit and she hauls loads of them.  Crystal gives numerous tips and tricks for styling for the plus size viewer.  No doubt, she has motivated many women to try new styles.  She also has a great selection of hauls which include swimsuits, mainly bikinis.  She gives great information on the quality of the items and how they would probably wear over time.  She brings a great energy and focus to her hauls. They are full of useful information about clothing lines and her experience with a retailer while shopping online or in store. 

She has a few favorites videos which include beauty products.   And, she does some unboxings from interesting and unusual companies.   

More Crystal

The channel brings so much valuable content to the plus size viewer looking for fashion choices, tips and tricks on styling. Additionally, the videos are well made, if you love a great haul, they are fun to watch no matter your size!  Crystal is so positive and a treat to watch.  Her channel is more than hauls and her video on how to be confident is wonderful and great for anyone.  Additionally, do not miss her vlogs.  She has a series on plus size New York Fashion week and Curvy Con which is amazing!  Thank you for reading this blog and go watch Crystal for some great content and loads of positivity!

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