Bored or Bananas-Definitely Not Boring

The Channel

Bored or Bananas is a wonderful channel headed by Jaime.  She is a stay-at-home mom to four children and wife to Gabe, “the love of her life.”  Her channel contains loads of interesting and useful content, all done on a budget.  She uploads a grocery haul and menu plan weekly.  Her playlists are well-organized and extensive.  There is something for everyone here.  She regularly posts clothing and household hauls, many from thrift stores. There are DIY videos, recipe videos, day in the life videos, and planner videos, among others.  Jaime is cute and so engaging. Her giggles are endearing and contagious.

The Hauls

Her hauls are straightforward and usually done with her off camera.  She and her husband shop most Friday nights as a “date night.”  Fridays are usually pizza nights for the kids.  It is amazing to see how this family of six eats so well on so little money.  Most of her hauls are from Aldi and she includes reviews of products often as she goes through the hauls.  Occasionally, one of the children will pop up during a haul.  The menu plans are not extensive, but they include dinner for every night of the week with a rare exception.  If she does not make a meal as planned, she tells the viewer and usually tells what they had instead.  One of her hauls is what she called a “no haul” haul. She put up a video with a menu plan at the same time her husband’s employer made a mistake and did not deposit his check.  Jamie showed the menu plan, explained the situation and gave her solution which was to shop the freezer and pantry to feed the family without spending.  What a creative homemaker!

Her thrift hauls are incredible! Just keeping track of which family member needs clothing looks like a full-time job. Jaime does it with ease and grace.  She sets out to thrift with everyone in need in mind and finds real bargains on gently used clothes.   The channel also highlights thrifting for household items.  Her finds are amazing!  

DIY and More

The DIY playlist has Pottery Barn dupes as well as lots of other projects.  They range in difficulty from those taking a few minutes to complete to a fabulous rustic X console table taking days to complete.  The console table project is in the day in the life playlist but check it out here.

The channel has cleaning videos which are based on the zone cleaning method which she follows regularly.  Her planner videos are practical and highly watchable even for someone who is not into planning.  I was hooked from the first one and watched them all.

Go Bananas!

When I first watched the channel, I binge-watched the grocery hauls.  It was fun but it got me wondering about the person behind the sweet, happy voice.  I moved to the day in the life videos and became enchanted with her sweet personality and her family.  Jaime brings a positive, thrifty and happy attitude to the many challenges faced by a large family on a budget. Thank you for reading this blog, watch Jaime and be amazed!  


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