The Former Mrs. Jones – Dave Ramsey Devotee

The Channel

The channel The Former Mrs. Jones (TFMJ) belongs to Kristy a wife and mother of three young boys, including a set of identical twins.  Kristy and the family live in Texas and take the viewers along on their trip through Dave Ramsey’s baby steps.  If you are not familiar with Dave Ramsey, watching the channel is all that is needed to see the positive results that can be attained by following the program.  Kristy and her husband paid off  $180,000 of debt, consisting of $40,000 consumer debt and a $140,000 mortgage, in 12 months. They sold their home and pushed through the consumer debt by following Dave’s plan. Impressive!  

Kristy interacts regularly with her viewers.  The thumbnails are great! The channel includes grocery, household and other types of hauls along with cooking videos, day in the life videos, motivational videos, and numerous other videos about the family life.  This is a young family working hard to achieve their dreams by following Dave Ramsey’s plan for their finances.

The Hauls

For groceries, Kristy shops at Walmart with an Aldi haul here and there.  She presents the items off camera.  She primarily shops monthly based on a meal plan which she shares at the beginning of the video.   As she goes through the haul, she tells the viewer how the items will be used in the meal plan.  Her hauls are very straightforward and include mini reviews of many of the items.  The meal plans are for dinner only and she often links recipes in the description box.  

Her Aldi hauls are similar Kristy and her family participate in several “no spend” month challenges and often she will shop at Aldi during those months to increase the savings.  The hauls are not particularly chatty but concise and short.  

Kristy occasionally includes a haul from Bath and Body Works (she’s a big fan) and Target.  She has a great back to school haul when her son started kindergarten.  She and her hubby take the viewer along, vlog style, to shop for appliances and furniture.  Again, she is very relaxed but not especially chatty so they are fun to watch but not too long.

More to Watch

The hauls are just a small part of the channel.  Kristy regularly participates in tag and collaboration videos usually relating to budget and finances.  She answers questions and explains the monthly budget even showing the cash box where they keep the funds for the household.  She explains, in detail, how the family has worked the Dave Ramsey system.  Jump into the feed and click on any video to see a wide variety of topics.  There are so many impressive financial goals they have achieved, not the least of which is cash flowing her husband’s bachelor’s degree.  No student debt for these folks.

Finally, the name of the channel puzzled me.  Kristy explains TFMJ name in a video.  Prior to using the Dave Ramsey plan, they had a “keeping up with the Jones” lifestyle.  After starting the plan, they were on a different path to financial freedom.  So, she is the former “Mrs. Jones.”  Brilliant!  Thank you for reading this blog.  Watch the channel for a variety of useful content which includes great hauls and lots more.


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