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The Channel

Love Meg joined YouTube in 2014 and Meg gives us a view into her life at home with her husband, Justin who is a former firefighter, and her two adorable children.  The channel is full of practical and fun content including hauls, shop with me, cleaning tutorials, favorites, fitness, parenting, hacks, day in the life, and loads of other interesting videos.  The video quality is great and the editing is very well done.  The thumbnails are attractive and fun.  The channel is reliable in providing content with videos posting regularly.  

The Hauls

Meg loves to clean and hates to cook, self-confessed.  Her grocery hauls often include a short shop with me and are relatively small as she usually shops for a week to avoid waste. She has a few very popular videos with great tips on preparing for a “cheap” grocery shop. She has also done sponsored videos for Thrive Market and Hello Fresh.  She and her husband use Hello Fresh for meals even when not sponsored.  

Meg also includes hauls from Dollar Tree, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx and many other retailers.  Her hauls are particularly interesting as she usually takes the viewer through the store and shows many of the items available.  She sets these shop with me videos to music and they are fun to watch.  She did a great home goods haul showing the items after she had placed them in her home.  Great idea!

Meg hauls clothing from various retailers, however, her Walmart finds are really amazing.  She dresses well and shows how to do it on a budget.

Doing It All

The channel contains so much more great content.  The day in the life videos are a real treat as her family is so comfortable with the camera.  She did a wonderful video on a day in the life of full time YouTubers.  If you ever wondered how they do it, Meg and the family give us a peek inside the life.  Her videos are usually less than ten minutes and are expertly edited to provide a lot of content in a short amount of time.  Meg shows us how to do so many things and her cleaning and organizing videos are especially popular.  I cannot get enough of the shop with me and day in the life videos!  Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and join Meg and her beautiful family at Love Meg.

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