Cha Cha Cakes – Doin’ Dollar Tree

The Channel

Teresa is the creative force behind Cha Cha Cakes.  She joined YouTube in March, 2011.  Teresa shares her Dollar Tree (DT) hauls, lots of DIY crafts, recipes (many using DT products), all things nails, subscription unboxings and reviews, vlogs, meals, tips, tricks and lots of other content.  

She is a grade school teacher and some of her DT hauls include items for teachers to use in a class.  The vlogs from her classroom show how she uses the DT products she hauls.

She lives in Wisconsin and is married with two teen boys.  Her family chooses to remain off camera although there is the occasional glimpse of one of or more of them.  Her husband did a voiceover of one of her craft videos and received lots of positive feedback on it. .  Cha Cha Cakes is her youngest son’s nickname and Teresa decided to use it as the name of the channel (very sweet.)  She is fun to watch and her creativity is impressive.

Dollar Tree Fun

Teresa’s DT hauls include everything!  It is quite amazing to see the variety of products she hauls. .  She also posts photos of products she finds at the DT but doesn’t purchase. .  She often separates the food hauls from the other product hauls.  

Her sister, Sarah, has a YouTube channel, Sarah At Home, and they did a haul together when Teresa was visiting her in California.  She and her sister also did a very creative series which included a DIY craft and a recipe using DT products inspired by each season of the year. What fun!

Teresa has a playlist of recipes and DIYs using DT products exclusively called Cooking and Crafting.  Both the dishes and the crafts are so creative!  Teresa really thinks outside the box and finds oodles of ways to use DT products.  

Nails and All

Teresa loves all things nails and she hauls nail products from a variety of sources both in stores and online.  Her nail tutorials are so interesting and she makes some of the most intricate designs seem possible.   She has a whole playlist devoted to her nail related hauls.  She also has a playlist in which she reviews and highlights her top picks of the nail products she hauls.


Her unboxings and reviews of subscription boxes are full of interesting and useful content.   She has ordered many different types of subscription boxes, such as, BoxyCharm, MunchPak, Choix Box, and many more.   It is fun to watch her get excited about the products. Some companies have reached out to her to review their boxes.  With the food boxes, she usually tastes the products on camera and gives her first impressions.  Some of her facial expressions are hilarious!

Other Fun Stuff

Cha Cha Cakes has loads of other content.  Most notably, Teresa’s Doin’ Dinner series where she has documented the family’s dinners for over two years!  She and her husband are real foodies and the meals are varied and very creative.  Additionally, her vlogs are a real treat to watch as Teresa negotiates around her three men who do not want to be filmed. She is such a positive, upbeat person and it is a treat to watch her go about her day.

Wrap Up

There are so many reasons to watch Cha Cha Cakes.  DT hauls and inspiration just being the tip of the iceberg.  Teresa is so warm and engaging.  Her voice is soothing and sometimes after a busy day, I tune in to chill out with her fantastic content. Watch, like, and subscribe to Cha Cha Cakes for a fun and informative look at Teresa’s world.  Thank you for reading this post and enjoy Cha Cha Cakes!

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