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The Channel

Melissa Parada is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger.  Her YouTube channel is Honeybee Philosophy. She has regularly posted all sorts of videos on this channel since June, 2011.  Her playlists are meticulously updated and include a haul playlist. The videos are well filmed and edited. She hauls everything! Melissa shops for beauty items, household items, food, clothing, Disney (she’s a fan) and she regularly receives promotional packages posting those hauls, too. The hauls are great, but don’t stop there!  Melissa has loads of other content which is presented is an interesting and delightful manner. She has get ready with me and tutorial videos, empties, favorites, reviews, and loads of day in the life vlogs among others. Honeybee Philosophy is a wonderful channel to visit and take a peek into Melissa’s world.

The Hauls

Melissa hauls it all! Her “BEEutiful Hauls” playlist has almost 200 videos and is updated regularly.  She shows us virtually everything she purchases from beauty items to household goods. Her beauty purchases include products from Sephora, Ulta, various drug stores, Target, Walmart, loads of online purchases and products she receives from numerous companies to review.  She explains the purchase for viewers especially those, like me, who know little about makeup. https://youtu.be/-zWQbP4xg9M   Melissa is meticulous in listing products in the description box so it is easy to find anything she hauls (if it’s still available, of course.)

Her Bath and Body Works hauls are numerous and the hauls and include body care products along with home fragrance items. She scores big on the semi-annual sales and uses coupons to the max. https://youtu.be/ncBUIWC9Pyg

The fashion hauls include clothing, shoes, bags, swimsuits and accessories.  She will frequently include a try on with the clothing haul and even put it out there with a swimsuit try on.  She looks great and dresses well, often using discounts and shopping sales. She will include styles from all sorts of retailers, such as, Nordstrom, Torrid, Target and loads of other shops. https://youtu.be/_CMnBckcO98  Melissa receives clothing gratis to review from Fashion Nova, an online store new to me. https://youtu.be/nPwzOQACev0

Melissa’s household goods hauls include all sorts of items to use in the home.  She is especially partial to holiday items: Melissa loves to decorate for Christmas!  https://youtu.be/ncBUIWC9Pyg  She shops at HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, Big Lots, Target, various other retailers, and online.  These hauls are usually separated into their own videos, however, she will sometimes show the items in a vlog as well. https://youtu.be/VHPd0gR5Ykw  She has a separate playlist which includes household hauls and videos of her home.  Check it out!

I found Honeybee Philosophy by watching one of Melissa’s Disney hauls.  She only has a few but they are so good! She picks up items at Disneyland and shops online for Disney items.  https://youtu.be/Ma2oy-obno0  She also vlogs her Disney trips and the one from Christmas is a treat to watch.  https://youtu.be/WPO2KFZN054

There are playlists for her empties, reviews, favorites and get ready with me videos which include all the products she hauls.  All of these videos have quality content and are well worth watching especially if you are looking for a review of particular product.  Additionally, she has massive public relations hauls which include all the products she receives from companies as gifts and for promotion.  

Everything Melissa

Melissa says in one of her videos that she films about 98% of her life.  I believe it. She has a massive amount of content which is interesting, informative and fun to watch.  She has regularly vlogged since 2011 and keeps her viewers informed of her life events even when she encounters big life challenges.  https://youtu.be/-TlegTTiNDk  She is clearly devoted to her viewers and it shows in the content and quality of her videos.  Reviewing the comments provides a glimpse into how much her viewers care about her and she responds regularly.  Melissa loves her channel and what she does on YouTube to inform and entertain. Thank you for reading this blog. Join Melissa and celebrate her Honeybee Philosophy; you will smile!  


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