How Jen Does It – Homemaker Extraordinaire

The Channel

Jen joined YouTube with How Jen Does It in August, 2013 and the channel has become a go to resource for many viewers.  Jen brings a wide variety of content to her channel.  She is married to John, who regularly appears on the vlogs and they have two sons.  She has been a stay at home mom since her sons were born.  The name of her channel says it all.  Jen shows us how she keeps house, meal plans, shops for everything, cooks, and so much more.  She has several companies who sponsor some of her videos.  The channel is rich with ideas for keeping a beautiful home with grace and ease.  Jen is a joy to behold and watching her go about her day to day is a real treat.  

The Hauls

Jen regularly shops for groceries and household items at Costco, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Meijer, among others.  She shows her meal plan for the week and makes her list from the meal plan.  Her video on meal planning, shopping and putting everything away is a must watch.  Jen’s grocery hauls and shopping trips are so well-organized and are full of great ideas for healthy meals.

Her fashion hauls are wonderful! She usually does a try on, giving loads of ideas for putting outfits together.  She shops on a budget and has a great video on saving money on clothing and beauty items sponsored by thredUp, an online thrift store.  

Jen highlights her favorites in monthly videos.   She includes beauty, household, books and other items and things she is loving for the month.  

How Does Jen Do It?

The channel has extensive playlists, however, jump right into the feed to see the variety of content available.  There are videos on just about everything one needs to know to take great care of a family, a home and oneself.  Her videos on cleaning and organization are particularly useful.  

Jen’s positive attitude and easy style are so delightful.  The channel is rich with content and is a powerful resource for living a healthy, happy life. Her success on YouTube is no mystery, she works hard to bring the best to her viewers.  Thank you for reading the blog and enjoy watching Jen do her thing!

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