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The Channel

Mikhila McDaid is the beauty behind the channel, Mikhila, recently renamed and formerly Miss Budget Beauty (Miss Budget Beauty for purposes of this blog.)  The channel joined YouTube in April, 2010. Mikhila is a UK based vlogger, blogger and podcaster. She has a other channels, most notably, Diary of a Spendaholic.  She has recently launched a poscast, Crash Test Mummy, which is a great listen.

Mikhila lives with her husband, Lee and her two children, Ella and Milo.  They live in a multi-generational household with her parents. They planned and purchased the home together.  Miss Budget Beauty began as a beauty channel to help viewers decide how to spend their beauty bucks. Mikhila wants her viewers to be informed about their purchases and how to save money on beauty items when possible.  

She regularly posts beauty and fashion hauls, empties, get ready with me, reviews, tutorials, favorites, and various other types of videos.  As of May, 2017, the channel has shifted to include a wonderful collection of vlogs, including shop with me videos.

The Hauls

Mikhila works hard to bring her viewers loads of beauty items from drugstore to high end.  She shops all the stores from “high street to high end” and has many videos comparing the two. https://youtu.be/tP_ORa65Etg  She hauls beauty from Boots, Superdrug, Lush, The Body Shop, Sephora and various other shops.  It is so interesting to see what she hauls and she gives useful explanations for the tried and true products and the new finds. https://youtu.be/2bvNqfWFPr  Her get ready with me and tutorial videos show the viewer how she uses the items hauled. https://youtu.be/zSq1krCHoG8  The channel is rich with beauty hauls and it is a treat to watch what she has bought over the years she has been on YouTube.  She loves Maybelline!

Mikhila’s fashion hauls are full of great looking classic, slightly edgy clothing for the young working mother and others desiring a simple, easy and beautiful look. Her styling is impeccable.  https://youtu.be/5KOCntljtoA  She shops at H&M, Primark, Hollister and various other retailers. She dresses very well on a budget.  Her older videos include outfits of the day and lookbooks which are enjoyable to watch, however, her more recent shop with me videos are a real delight. https://youtu.be/u66IRYu4yo8  Hopefully, there are more of these videos coming.

Mikhila also hauls home goods items.  https://youtu.be/xmrWAxuisJs  She is a big fan of Bath and Body Works and will transport the candles all the way home from New York or Las Vegas where she and her husband regularly vacation.  

Of course, her favorites and empties include items she has hauled.  She goes through the products and clearly explains her views on the products. This empties videos is subtitled “The one where we go through my rubbish.” https://youtu.be/587r8i6YT9A  

Other Lovely Content

Watching Mikhila is like visiting with a friend over tea about products, clothing and life.  Her beauty videos provide loads of useful, valuable and helpful information on all things beauty. She has so much great content, I have spent countless hours watching her and learning quite a lot even though I do not even wear makeup.  Her easy but energetic style and her drive to film no matter her life circumstance at the time, such as, a toddler underfoot draws the viewer into her life and her mission.

Prior to the shift in Miss Budget Beauty to include more vlogs, she vlogged regularly on her Diary of a Spendaholic channel which I also highly recommend.  Mikhila is a brilliant editor and she is terrific at including just enough without overdoing it. A skill hard to find in a vlogger. Having recently entered her thirties and having been on YouTube for so long, the viewer gets an experienced vlogger who has grown up on the camera.  She turned out very well. I absolutely adore her vlogs with her friends in tow for their adventures! https://youtu.be/C2nr97t_ZLE  Although I’m old enough to be her mother, I feel welcomed along on the adventure.  Thank you for reading this blog and go watch Mikhila for interesting and informative content!

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