Noreen’s Kitchen – Come On In

The Channel

Noreen’s Kitchen is a wonderful place to visit.  The channel joined YouTube way back in 2008.  Noreen runs the kitchen and her husband, Rick, usually mans the camera.  We get glimpses of her daughters, Molly and Micah and we hear everyone try lots of goodies, both savory or sweet, primarily off camera.  Rick comments frequently throughout the videos.  Noreen and Rick’s close relationship shines through all the videos.  They both enjoy what they do and bring a lot of love into their videos.

The channel is a wealth of information on all manner of recipes and food preparation techniques.  The grocery hauls are relatively new to the channel.  Noreen has been hauling and reviewing food products, kitchen gadgets, personal care items and just about anything she thinks would be helpful to her viewers. Many of her review videos are sponsored and this fact is disclosed appropriately each time.

The Hauls

Noreen’s first grocery haul was a massive haul from Sam’s Club.  She got the hang of it quickly and now regularly posts grocery hauls from Sam’s Club, Aldi, Trader Joe’s and several local stores.  She also posts hauls from bulk suppliers, such as, Zaycon Fresh.  Her hauls are full of information about how she plans to use the products in her meals and videos.  Noreen’s focus is quality and value.  It is especially fun to watch her hauls from Trader Joe’s as she has managed to find the quality bargains and she will go to Joe for them.  I look forward to many more grocery hauls from Noreen.

Product Reviews

The channel has over eighty product reviews of all kinds including food subscription boxes, personal care boxes, and a wide variety of kitchen gizmos and gadgets.  The sponsored videos are clearly disclosed as such, however, Noreen tells it like it is no matter.

She also receives products to review either by a company contacting her or her contacting a company usually at viewers’ requests.   Apparently, Noreen researches the products she agrees to review as the vast majority are positive and she does a fabulous job of editing and putting the videos together.  She loves to test products to help her viewers decide if the products are good quality, easy to use and a good value.  No doubt, she goes the distance to see that her viewers are fully informed about any product she reviews.  

Real Food for Real Folks

Noreen is a real home chef.  Her knowledge base is broad and her channel is awash with useful information conveyed in a very easy to understand manner.  She invites her viewers into her small kitchen where she seemingly performs miracles daily with simple, easy to source ingredients using cooking tools readily available to the home cook.

I first found her channel when a video came up in my feed of her frying a turkey, inside the house, using a new fangled fryer.  I had to see it!  She made it look effortless.  I had to know more so I started watching the hauls, then the reviews and I was hooked.

This channel is so deep with content, I can only encourage you to dive in and start watching.  Heck, she has a whole playlist on using Torani syrups!  Her collaboration videos with her YouTube friends are a peek inside her world and not to be missed.  She is so real and wonderful!  From the fun font used on the channel to the friendly and jovial way Noreen approaches her work, it is pure entertainment with substance.  I cannot get enough of her interacting with Rick during the filming.  Enjoy Noreen and have fun in her kitchen!  Thank you for reading this post!


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