Amy Lynn Thompson – High Energy Hauler

The Channel

Amy Lynn Thompson’s lifestyle and beauty channel is full of hauls and loads of other interesting content.  She lives in California and is engaged to Bradley, who we see a lot in the vlogs and grocery hauls. Amy is a self-confessed nail polish addict and she has a whole playlist devoted to nails.  However, the channel, while highlighting beauty and household items, is a treat for anyone who likes a little of everything.

She and Bradley vlog visits to amusement parks such as Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Tokoyo Disney and Universal Studios, among other vlogging locales.  She seasonally posts empties, favorites, get ready with me, unboxings and much more. Now that she is engaged, there are shower and wedding videos too. Her videos are upbeat and full of practical and whimsical content.

The Hauls

Amy regularly uploads beauty and household hauls from lots of different retailers.  Lush, Target, Nordstrom, Walmart, Sephora, and Bath and Body Works are some of her favorites.  She loves Lush and finds the cutest items there giving the viewer a list of her top ten favorites.  

Amy collects nail polish and has videos devoted to her polish hauls and collections.  She loves Pioneer Woman merchandise and it features in her household hauls. Amy and Bradley regularly shop at Trader Joe’s and have many grocery hauls on the channel.  Some of my favorite hauls are her Disney hauls.  She is a “mouse ears” girl and picks up some really cute Disney items.

Favorites, Empties and Unboxings

Amy treats her viewers to monthly videos highlighting her favorite products.  She gives great explanations of why an item is a favorite. She seasonally posts empties videos and even did an empties videos of items not to purchase. What a way to save her viewer time, money and frustration over a bad product!

She also does traditional empties videos in which she gives great information about the products she has used up.  She also has numerous unboxing videos including subscription boxes from Fab Fit Fun, Boxycharm, Birchbox, Ipsy and many more.  Again, Amy highlights the items included and gives her opinion on the value and usefulness of the box.

All About Amy

Amy’s channel is replete with useful, interesting and fun content. Check out her Q and A(my) videos for answers to questions from viewers. She also has done a holiday series for several years, HolidAMYS, which documents her holiday activities.  The Disney vlogs are wonderful!

Amy documents her routines and shows us how to get organized. There are several dedicated playlists to explore. Go to Amy Lynn Thompson for a lot of uplifting and informative content. Thank you for reading this blog and have fun with Amy!


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