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The Channel

HappilyAHousewife joined YouTube in January, 2012. Samantha is the happy housewife who runs the family and the camera treating viewers to a variety of great content.  She hauls, organizes, plans, vlogs, shares tips and tricks to inspire and motivate, among other things.

She is married to Matt who stays busy supporting the family and is mom to three very active, busy children, two boys and a girl.  All three kids play baseball and/or softball and other sports as well, so they all attend a lot of practices and games.

Her skills at homemaking are superior and she shares so many great ideas for moms with younger children, however, she is mindful of moms with older children also.  As her children have grown, her channel continues to change and provide helpful and hopeful tips for just about everything.

The Hauls

Samantha hauls groceries, items for the home, clothing for kids and adults and just about anything she buys.  Her grocery hauls sometimes include meal plans and she usually tells how each item will fit in the family meals or snacks. https://youtu.be/ARSowUfhwy4  She shops at Target, but will include Costco, Wegman’s and any other stores she visits. Sometimes when she is grocery shopping for an event, she gives useful tips for pulling off entertaining with ease from organizing the fridge to serving.  https://youtu.be/9eOC0-rPVGo  The family entertains a lot!

The clothing hauls usually include items for her daughter and herself.  Samantha says the boys’ clothing purchases can be a bit repetitive and not that interesting so she usually does not film a haul on those purchases.  She has done sponsored videos for thredUp which include try ons by her and her daughter. Fun! https://youtu.be/b6lHna5GSwI  She has also done Stitch Fix unboxings and hauls as well as clothing hauls from other retailers.  https://youtu.be/LvzVOhcou3E  Her clothing style is easy and relaxed.  Her vlogs sometimes include an outfit of the day which is always a treat to watch.

Samantha occasionally films a home decorating products haul. https://youtu.be/Fq1_jNRC2bI  Her decorating style is clean and simple.  It works well with her home and with her personality.  Her vlogs, including her trips to home decorating retailers, are interesting and informative.

Samantha shows us her favorites, too.  These videos provide oodles of helpful information on beauty, home and other kinds of products. https://youtu.be/bRHWx-s0VbI  She shows a good mix of products and this content is interesting and informative.

Lots of Everything Else

Hauls are just a small part of the content our happy housewife brings to her channel.  Samantha has numerous playlists that give the viewer an idea of the rich content available. Her organization and cleaning videos are full of tips and tricks to keep the house running smoothly.  She is a planner and does in depth reviews of planners and planner supplies regularly. She shows us her cooking skills and gives great dinner ideas for feeding the family.

The weekly and daily vlogs give insight into her day to day and are very fun to watch.  It has been a treat to get to know the family and be brought into their life. Samantha often answers viewers’ questions in Q and A videos.  She has made it clear that this is her channel and we will see the other family members, but no command performances. I like that. Samantha’s style and her meticulously organized manner of running the family is quite a wonder to watch.  She puts family first and it is clear that they all work together to keep a happy home. Thank you for reading this blog and head on over to Happily A Housewife to join the fun!

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