Shelly’s Home Life – Welcome Home

The Channel

Shelly’s Home Life joined YouTube in August, 2014. Subscribers are treated to a visit with Shelly in her beautiful home. The household includes her extremely handy husband, Andy and her delightful and talented daughter, Emily.  They have two cute little pugs and a cat who makes the occasional appearance. The channel is loaded with useful, interesting and entertaining content. Shelly plans meals, hauls, cooks, crafts, cleans and talks about it all on her vlogs and chat videos.  We get to see her and her husband work hard to maintain their home and their wonderful family life. Emily is the focus of their lives and the love shows all around.

The Hauls

The channel has an extensive playlist of menu plans and grocery hauls.  In the videos, she first shares the meal plan for the week (including links to recipes in the description box), her grocery list made from the plan, then she shares the haul.  She goes through the items indicating how they will be used for the week ahead. This is one organized mama!   Most of her grocery shopping is done at Walmart, she usually vlogs a little while she is there.  She does go to Costco, Sprouts or Target on occasion.  She uses a recipe binder and makes notes on the recipes so she can remember the specifics about the dish.  Smart! She frequently tries new recipes. She has been on the Weight Watchers plan so she often includes the “points” for a product. In a quandary over what to cook for dinner? Go to Shelly’s Home Life and get inspired!

Her channel includes many other types of hauls which are included in her day in the life videos.  She is a smart shopper using coupons and taking advantage of sales to shop for clothing, beauty and household items. Emily shares her shopping trips with mom in hauls , too.  She shops at Kohl’s, Michael’s, Target, Hobby Lobby and other retailers.  She does plenty of shopping online, too. The thumbnails on the vlogs usually indicate that there is a haul included and it is worth looking through the playlist to find them.

The Life

Hauls make up only a fraction of what Shelly and her family show us in the videos.  The channel has numerous updated playlists. Her all in one videos are a good place to start.  She puts a little of everything she does in her channel in one daily vlog.   She is a creative and talented crafter as well.  Her scrapbooks are amazing! In fact, she has a whole channel on her crafts, Shelly’s Crafty Life.

Thank you for reading this blog, enjoy Shelly and her family!

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