Tati – Glam Life Guru

The Channel

Tati had a dream when she started her channel in November, 2010. She wanted to give any woman the skills to put on her best face. She has worked hard since that time, posting five days a week, to bring that dream to life.  At 4 million subscribers, it is clear that she has succeeded. Her channel showcases her skills in applying makeup, reviewing products from high end to drugstore, tutorials, and tips on shopping for bargains, along with loads of other useful beauty tips and tricks.  

She has devoted different types of videos to each day of the week, changing the content over the years, but sticking with what must be a grueling five day a week posting schedule. Her husband James makes frequent appearances in the videos. Her makeup reviews are comprehensive and she does a mini day in the life vlog as she wears the makeup throughout the day.  She appears regularly on HSN for Wunderbrow and has recently launched her own beauty line, Halo Beauty.

The Hauls

Virtually everything Tati does is a haul.  She has a large number of well-organized playlists.  I started with her WTF videos in which she purchases crazy expensive products, applies them and gives them a try. These videos are really fun as they usually include short day in the life snippets as she wears the makeup during the day. https://youtu.be/PscQrzuAcLQ  Plus, it is fascinating to learn about the high end products most of us would probably not purchase.  Tati gives unbiased reviews. If she gives her approval of a high end product, she will also give an affordable option.  In her own collection, she uses all manner of high end through drugstore products.

Next, I went to her feed,  just watched and enjoyed.  She had a series, which she has brought back on a limited basis, called Madness Mondays.  In these videos, she shops the drugstores for bargains using coupons and her rewards cards from CVS, RiteAid and Walgreens.  She gives loads of tips for shopping sales and adding coupons on top for super discounts .https://youtu.be/87XAUzFUsJM  

PR Unboxings

Tati is inundated with products from a wide variety of companies. She unboxes these on camera and will talk a little about the brand or product if she is familiar with it.  She often includes a portion of these items in massive giveaways for her viewers. https://youtu.be/xc4FJUO3oJI  It is a real treat to see all the free products a big time beauty vlogger receives.

All Things Tati

Her channel is full of useful beauty content.  Tati shows us how to do just about everything with makeup.  Most of her videos are like tutorials as she regularly gives tips for applying any type of product. https://youtu.be/IXzMjOOsgNU  The channel is beautifully shot and edited.  Tati is a wonder and brings so much value to her viewers five days a week.  

Thank you for reading this blog. Go find Tati and enjoy her useful and beautiful channel!

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