Gillian At Home – In Toronto, Tho

The Channel

Gillian is a thirty-something Canadian living in Toronto. She launched her channel, Gillian At Home, in 2014 recording some of her hauls, her weekends and vacations in vlogs and other interesting content, such as, home tours, organizing and the like. Gillian regularly vacations in Walt Disney World as she is passionate about all things Disney. She has also visited Disneyland in California and Disneyland Paris.  Her sister, Hilary, her numerous friends, and more recently her boyfriend, Dan, feature prominently in the vlogs. It is a real treat to follow Gillian and her antics with her sister, Dan and her delightful friends.

The Hauls

Gillian has a playlist dedicated to hauls, however, she also includes hauls in her vlogs. She shops regularly at major retailers and local shops, as well. She loves Target!  Although Target is no longer in Toronto (boo hoo), when she comes to the US, she shops and hauls there. She also shops “the mall” and her mall vlogs and hauls are terrific! She has quite the Bath and Body Works candle collection.

The book and stationary hauls are so interesting. Gillian is well-read and provides great book recommendations.  

Gillian loves Disney and has several hauls dedicated to Disney merchandise. Her Minnie Mouse onsie is everything!

The Vlogs

Gillian has regularly posted weekend vlogs providing the viewer a peek inside her life in the big city. She loves Toronto and her passion for the city shows in the vlogs. She attends baseball games, shops, goes to festivals and expos, visits her mom, and does all manner of fun activities with her sister and friends.  Even when she stays home, it’s fun to watch her activities, especially when she and Hillary watch trashy television shows.

Gillian has been to Walt Disney World many times, Disneyland a couple of times and Disneyland Paris once. She meticulously vlogs her trips, preparation for trips (she is so organized) and her hauls afterwards. I found her channel through one of her Disney hauls and was drawn in by the way she presented the haul. I looked further and found the vlogs, what fun! Be sure and listen for Gillian’s Disney “fun facts,” they are so clever and informative.

Gillian’s World

Gillian is a delightful, witty, intelligent youtuber who regularly delivers high-quality content. She and Hilary together are hilarious! Gillian finds joy in life’s simple pleasures and appreciates the upscale life, as well. Her videos have wide appeal. She is a thirty-something but it appears from the comments, her loyal viewers are from a very wide age range. Her content is appropriate for anyone looking for a channel which balances a fun and responsible adult life in the big city.

Thank you for reading this blog. Do yourself a favor and check out Gillian and her wonderful world!

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