GradysMom – LeeAnne and Family

The Channel

LeeAnne is Grady’s mom and her channel encompasses all aspects of the stay at home mom life.  She, her husband Matt and their son Grady, moved from New York to South Carolina in May, 2014 and then moved back to New York in 2018.

Her channel has loads of content, such as, grocery hauls, empties, cooking videos, lunch packing for her husband and son, dinners for the week, cleaning, organizing, vlogs and even more.  LeeAnne works hard to make her channel relevant to the viewer looking for ways to make family life run smoothly. She posts regularly and responds quickly to viewer comments.

The Hauls

LeeAnn regularly posts hauls of all kinds.  She does her grocery shopping at Walmart, Trader Joe’s, Aldi, BJ’s and other stores.  She also includes a meal plan with the grocery haul and she explains how the items hauled will be used in the meals.

LeeAnn is an organized grocery shopper and hauler!  She has a ton of content on meal preparation and planning including the lunches she packs for Grady and her husband.  She is so creative with the meals.  She also includes grocery hauls when she has guests at home and when she and her family travel.  These hauls are especially useful for viewers preparing for guests or traveling.  

Grady’s mom is also on point with her clothing and household hauls. She hauls her picks for Grady’s clothing and has done affordable Target hauls for women’s fashion.  LeeAnn shops at Bath and Body Works and Ulta, too.  Her empties videos are usually done seasonally and include lots of good information on the products featured.

All the Rest

Grady’s Mom has a much to offer the viewer looking for dinner, lunch, decorating, fashion and beauty ideas.  LeeAnn gives great tips and tricks for being a better stay at home mom and more. Her vlogs are well edited and fun to watch as she takes the viewer through her day.

Thank you for reading the blog and visit Grady’s Mom for loads of interesting and useful content!


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