Marriage and Motherhood – Jia’s Way

The Channel

Jia, the self-styled “Chief Operating Officer” of the home, started her channel, Marriage and Motherhood in November, 2009.  The channel includes life with her family, husband Charles and children, Zara and Ava. Jia includes videos on all things related to working full-time while managing the home life as well. She excels at everything! Jia shares her hauls, working mom tips, budgeting, organizing and other useful and informative content. Through the videos Jia takes us shopping, shows us how she manages her household and everything in between. The channel is a great resource for anyone trying to either get on or stay on track with finances and home management while negotiating life and work. Jia is a great editor and knows how to balance how much to show and talk about in each video.

The Hauls

Jia loves Costco, it’s no secret. Her Costco vlogs and hauls are fun to watch as Jia is totally in her element. She even has videos on how to use Costco to its  best advantage, including Costco secrets and the best items to purchase there. If you love Costco, watch all Jia’s content and learn everything you might ever want to know about the retailer. She also shops and vlogs her shopping at Walmart, Target and various other grocery stores.  Jia does a great job explaining her purchases and showing the available products at each store. She has a couple of playlists on hauls, but I recommend getting into the feed to find them there.

Jia Shows Us How

The content on this channel is rich with tips and encouragement for any mother and/or family balancing careers, children and the budget, among other things. She has playlists on setting up the family on Sunday for success during the week. How helpful! Jia has cooking, cleaning, planning, organizing, and budgeting hacks and tips of all kinds with each neatly categorized in updated playlists.

Jia has stated her mission is to help others get out of debt and live debt free. She works hard to bring valuable content on all manner of budgeting and managing money explained in a practical useful way. Her video titled “5 Money Statistics That Will Scare You” is a real eye-opener!  This video is just the tip of the iceberg of her videos related to money.

Jia does her research and brings the best to her viewers. Follow Jia and her family for a beautiful example of a well-run household full of love and laughter.  Thank you for reading this blog and have a lovely day!

A quick note on my posting schedule:  I am going to start posting every other Friday . So see you in two weeks and thank you for reading my blogs!

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