Hot and Flashy – Over Fifty and Fabulous

The Channel

Angie is the beauty and the brains behind Hot and Flashy.  She joined YouTube in October, 2012 and has brought quality content to her viewers regularly since then. This is a beauty and lifestyle channel for women of a certain age.  Angie does makeup, skincare and fashion look books including clothing hauls and try ons. She also does comprehensive reviews of numerous products, her favs and fails and loads of beauty tutorials. Angie shops everything from high end to drugstore brands to give the viewer options for spending her beauty and fashion bucks. Her channel is  targeted for women in or around their fifties, however, any woman could benefit from her advice. Angie has been recognized for her outstanding content having been featured as one of the “Women to Watch” in a YouTube commercial.

The Hauls

As expected, Angie hauls oodles of skincare, hair and beauty items. She shops Sephora, Ulta and Nordstrom, among others, to gather the items she uses regularly and those she will try. Angie presents the items on camera and gives mini reviews of the products she has used and she states her expectations for products new to her.   She uses her series of videos, such as, Foundation Friday Over 50 and Try It Tuesday to introduce products for which there may not be a dedicated haul.  Jumping into the feed is the best way to access the products Angie purchases and receives from companies to try or those she uses regularly.

Angie also usually does a seasonal look book highlighting her classic, classy style and giving the viewer tips for pulling a look together. She talks the viewer through several outfits suggesting alternatives for wearing a piece, when appropriate.  Angie shopped Amazon to try the quality of the often lower priced items found there.  She keeps on trend with her clothing choices while maintaining her classic, age appropriate style.  

All About Angie

This review of Hot and Flashy has merely scratched the surface of a channel full of invaluable content for those wanting to look their best as they age.  Angie tries so many products and treatments to address concerns she has about her aging skin and those products requested by viewers. Reading the comments, one can see how the great treasure trove of information found on her channel has helped so many.  Angie is not shy about getting up close and personal with the camera to point out her problem areas. She does numerous before and after comparisons to let us see how a product has performed. Her Retin A five year update illustrates how well the product works for her.

To state the obvious, Angie is a natural beauty who investigates and learns how to enhance and preserve her looks through the careful use of skincare and beauty products.  She dresses well and shows us how to do it, too. Please check out Hot and Flashy and enjoy the benefits of all Angie does to give us choices as we age. Thank you for reading this blog post and enjoy the channel!


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