Nicole Burgess – Southern Charmer

The Channel

Nicole is the lovely lady creating a boatload of videos on her channel.  She lives in Louisiana and is a wife and mother of two boys. She is a school teacher with a packed schedule. Her videos give the viewers a wide variety of content including couponing tips and hauls, couponing to donate, Dollar Tree hauls, empties, Bath and Body Works hauls, Stitch Fix and ThredUp hauls, unboxings, recipe videos and more. The channel has numerous and detailed playlists which are updated regularly. Nicole brings energy and positivity to youtube.

The Hauls

Nicole’s couponing hauls are epic! She often vlogs while in the store, showing the deals even if she does not take advantage of them.  She also provides a printable breakdown of the deals. The amount of products she hauls for “cheap, free or moneymaker” is astounding.  Nicole really works the system and gives the viewer specific and detailed instructions on snagging the bargains, too.

Nicole has been doing weekly Dollar Tree hauls for over a year. Her style of hauls are my favorite type as she usually presents each item and gives information about each of products. Her Dollar Tree hauls are timely so the viewer can go to the store and try to find the item locally.

Stitch Fix hauls/unboxings have been a regular fixture on Nicole’s channel since its inception. In fact, her first video was a Stitch Fix haul/unboxing. Nicole does a try on with each haul also which is fun to watch. Recently, she has also been ordering from ThredUp and finding some super bargains.

Enjoy empties videos? Nicole is your source for a good, long empties videos.  She collects her empties and does monthly videos which include reviews of the products.  Since Nicole hauls such a variety of items through couponing, subscription boxes and all her other sources, the empties video are packed with products.  These are just a few of the highlights of Nicole’s hauls/unboxings/empties. Please go to her channel and check out the playlists, you will not be disappointed.

Extreme Couponing to Extreme Donating

This part of Nicole’s channel warms my heart.  She and several other YouTube couponers have collaborated to donate items they haul from couponing.  The movement was started by Jeff Saves With Coupons,  Many other channels have joined in and so much has been accomplished by this savvy group of givers! Nicole chooses her recipients by checking the needs of her community, her family and some national non-profits.

I love this channel! Nicole works hard to bring quality content to the viewer. Thank you for reading, check out Nicole Burgess and enjoy the channel!

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