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The Channel

Taylor is the content creator and influencer behind the channel Thataylaa.  She started her channel in 2009 when she was a sophomore in college. Taylor lives in Seattle and is a full-time youtuber. She uploads “every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Pacific time.”  Thataylaa is a beauty channel, but sticking it in that category is limiting Taylor’s potential and message. She calls her subscribers her baerrito family, a nod to her love of burritos.

This is an honest channel about living life as a highly motivated twenty-something establishing and successfully running a growing brand.  She offers so much great advice for challenges facing many women and men with cystic acne and chronic pain. I love the channel! Her hauls are an integral part of her brand as she purchases and reviews tons of products on the regular. Her Friday videos are “Foundation Fridays” in which she reviews a new foundation every Friday.  Her make up applications are informed and very well-done. Her chatty get ready with me videos are called “Shadow and Schmooze.”   They are fun and informative!

She also has a small number of vlogs in which the viewer can get to know her a little better.  Taylor has completed an Accutane treatment cycle for her cystic acne and documented the process and results. 

Last but not least, she has a series she has does titled “Fifteen Days of Foundation” in which she posts fifteen days of foundation reviews. She raises money, product donations and national brand sponsorships for a non-profit called Project Beauty Share by selling merchandise and using her influence to spread the good word about this great organization.

The Hauls

Taylor has a dedicated haul playlist which includes beauty, clothing and household items, among others. Her beauty hauls are full of great products and mini reviews.  She doesn’t regularly post hauls, however, she buys loads of products to use on her channel and the viewer is given the relevant information when the products are used.  For example, in 2017, she tested over 85 different foundations! She is an avid Amazon user and her recommendations on best Amazon purchases is spot on.

She shares her empties in a few dedicated videos, but her “Raves and Rejects” videos are much more specific than your average empties video. She has a playlist of these videos which contains a wealth of information about the products she loves and does not love.

Project Beauty Share

Taylor started a brilliant and very generous collaboration with a non-profit, Project Beauty Share (PBS), during her second season of “Fifteen Days of Foundation.”  PBS provides beauty and feminine hygiene products to women in need. Taylor wanted to do something for the greater good with her channel.  She researched and selected PBS as the recipient. The baerrito family really stepped up! Over the last four seasons of the foundation reviews, thousands of dollars and thousands of products have been donated. In the fifth season of “Fifteen Days”, her goal was to raise $20,000. Goal exceeded! Additionally, she garnered support from several national brands to secure donations of beauty and feminine products.   As a side note, watching her channel made me aware that public assistance does not cover the cost of feminine hygiene products.

Pale Princess

Taylor is smart, funny and genuine. Thataylaa is a wealth of beauty and skin care information for anyone but especially for those with lighter skin and skin challenges. I found her through her vlogs which are beautiful. She is well-travelled and simply fun to follow around. Her channel is growing by leaps and bounds! Big brands are getting involved. Sigma Beauty just released a set of brushes in collaboration with Taylor which sold out almost instantly. This is just one example of her hard work paying off. 

Watch this channel for the great videos and join the baerrito family for loads of interesting and informative content!


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  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing. She does such a great job. I know she has helped many by sharing her story. Thank you for your awesome review of this channel!

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