MakeupByTiffanyD – Chatty Hauler

The Channel

Tiffany joined YouTube in August, 2008. Since then, her channel, MakeupByTiffanyD, has grown to almost one million subscribers and encompasses beauty, lifestyle, fashion and many other topics relevant to her viewers. Her husband and daughter make appearances in some of the weekly vlogs which she did for a couple of years. She occasionally does vlogs and updates on family life, vlog style.

The Hauls

Tiffany’s hauls are a real treat for those of us who enjoy long, chatty videos. She goes through the items thoroughly and talks extensively about how she intends to use the products, clothing and/or household items. She does try on hauls regularly. Tiffany’s household goods hauls include many diverse items with suggestions for decorating.

Her channel includes empties and favorites videos, also. These are also loads of fun to watch as she gives her opinion and chats a lot about the items. These are especially helpful for the viewer looking for a particular product and are curious about its performance. Tiffany has a wealth of information on all manner of products!

Let’s Talk

Tiffany has a special relationship with the camera which translates to an incredible on-screen presence.  I have watched thousands of haul videos and have never seen a youtuber who relates so well with the viewer in all of her videos. She has an easy going way of talking to the camera that relates to the viewer as if she is a close friend. It is remarkable!

Thank you for reading this blog. Check out MakeupByTiffany for her fun, chatty hauls and more!

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