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The Channel

Shelby is the queen in charge of The Queens Cabinet. She started her channel in April, 2011 to share her exquisite cooking and homemaking skills. She plans meals, shops and cooks for ten family and household members daily. She shares her meal plans in her grocery hauls which feature shots of the meals prepared. Her husband, Ken, regularly appears in the videos.

The family relocated from California to upstate New York in March, 2017. Her home is a wonderland for those craving organization and a look at how it is done well. She has several updated playlists, including about 150 recipe shares which are brilliant tutorials on all types of meals.  There are several other playlists to explore from day in the life videos, vacation videos, restaurant reviews, motivational videos and more.

The Hauls

Shelby shops at a local grocery store, Sam’s Club, Costco, Trader Joe’s, Aldi and other stores and markets as she comes across them, such as, Wegman’s.  Her grocery hauls include detailed meal plans and often a quick demonstration of the preparation of an item on the menu. Shelby also takes videos of the food prepared as it is plated or put in a meal prep container.  

Her videos are wonderful inspiration and great tutorials on meal preparation and shopping smart.  In one of her haul videos, she shares her research into finding locally produced and seasonal items. Who knew these resources were so easily accessible? Shelby wondered, researched and gives us the answers.

Life by Shelby

I found the channel through her $2,700 grocery haul which popped up in my feed. I watched it and was hooked! Shelby brings a gentle, loving and encouraging presence to YouTube. She puts so much in her videos through her filming and editing.  Go ahead and watch all of them. Her recipe share videos are short but all the viewer needs to replicate her wonderful recipes.

Shelby’s family life videos are interesting and show how she and her husband celebrate family life daily and especially while on vacation. Her Q and A videos give an insight into her background and how she and Ken have made such a fulfilling life.

Thank you for reading this blog. Visit The Queens Cabinet for a peek into Shelby’s life and how she and her family are living well.


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  1. Good Morning

    Happy New Year!

    I just discovered Shelby and Ken by accident when their most recent fall stock up haul popped up in my you tube feed. What a find! I love this lady and your description of what she does, shows and presents is quite accurate.

    I am so inspired by her videos, lighthearted approach to life and her phenominal homekeeping, organizing and superb cooking skills. Her appreciation for nature and beauty stuck a chord with me as well. If their is a way such as a p.o. box to contact her, please let me know. I live in NYC.

    Thank You again

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