Marnie Goldberg – Ms. GoldGirl

The Channel

Marnie Goldberg joined YouTube about 8 years ago as Ms. GoldGirl. She and her wonderful family (a husband, two sons and three dogs) live in San Antonio, Texas in a beautiful home. She has rebranded the channel under her name and the content includes all manner of videos, including, hauls, vlogs, cooking and everything else the viewer needs to improve home and personal life. Marnie’s tagline is “A Grown-Up’s Guide.” Catchy and so very descriptive of her lovely channel!

The Hauls

Ms. GoldGirl shows her hauls most times in vlogs or other videos, such as, favorites videos showing products she has used.  She has some fabulous Nordstrom hauls as she participates enthusiastically in the anniversary sale.  She is very stylish and current while accounting for her age and her lifestyle. Marnie knows how to dress!

Marnie uses lots of beauty products from drugstore to high end. She has a dedicated playlist reviewing products and other items she liked two years back called “Where Are They Now?” These videos are a fascinating and innovative  look at products she enjoyed and whether or not they have remained favorites.

The Golden Life

This channel is full of interesting and informative content. All of it is very meticulously catalogued in playlists making it a easy for the viewer to follow along with the prolific postings. If you enjoy weekly vlogs, please watch Marnie’s! Technically, she is a gifted vlogger. Marnie shows enough but not too much especially with regard to the dogs! I love the dogs and they are a big part of the family life, but some vloggers overdo it with the pets for my liking. Not Ms. GoldGirl!

She regularly posts vlogs documenting her time spent living her active grown-up life. Marnie’s nuclear family is close and she and her husband are very involved in the lives of their children.  Watching the family interact and grow is a real treat! Marnie is a stay at home mom who has a servant’s heart as she is actively involved in school, synagogue and community activities all the while dedicating a lot of time to her popular channel.

I heard a thirty-something youtuber describe Marnie as having an “aspirational lifestyle.” It piqued my interest in watching the channel. I understand the description. I would say, however, she has an “aspirational attitude.” Marnie has a way of taking life as it comes and making the best of it. Her family, faith and community involvement are remarkable.

Thank you for reading this blog and head on over to Ms. GoldGirl to enjoy great content!


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