His and Her Money – America’s #1 Money Couple

The Channel

Talaat and Tai McNeely are the influencers behind the channel, His and Her Money. They are self-styled as America’s #1 Money Couple. They have a popular blog (with loads of free resources), podcast, book and online classes. The channel features great content about “money, marriage and everything in between.” They have great updated playlists so if the viewer has a particular interest, the information is easy to access. They are the parents of three small children and are active in church and their community.

The Hauls?

The channel does not contain any traditional hauls, however, the playlist “Save Money” includes loads of tips and tricks for shopping.  For instance, Tai’s video on saving money on paper goods gives advice on how to save on the products we all buy and use regularly. https://youtu.be/5C0HINyU1lo She even shows the viewers how to shop at Sears and KMart for free! https://youtu.be/HNCpkzW793s This playlist is a great reference to consult when shopping to save. Talaat and Tai have a real knack for finding and taking advantage of the deals!

The Mission

Talaat and Tai are clearly on a mission to help others find financial freedom.  Further, they minister to their viewers with their Christian message. The channel is replete with great ideas, tips on using the Dave Ramsey plan, inspiration in money and family management and a Christian perspective on all topics, among others.They open up about many personal issues to which many viewers will relate.  https://youtu.be/U57CMHi1BCk Their show highlights individuals who have awesome debt free stories. https://youtu.be/MtBRnbEtf-E  These videos are just a small taste of the full banquet offered by this terrific channel.

Thank you for reading this blog! Watch the channel to be inspired in many areas of life.




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