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The Channel

Emma is the brummymummyof2 founder and creator of this fun and family-centered YouTube channel. Emma lives in Birmingham, England with her husband and two children. The children are regularly featured on her channel and their family life is the primary subject of her vlogs. The channel includes hauls, vlogs, empties, favorites, get ready with me and numerous other subjects. There are also Disney vlogs and hauls which we Disney fans love. Emma is chatty and hilarious! Her channel is fun and full of interesting content.

The Hauls

Emma has a dedicated playlist, The Happiest Hauls, which includes all her hauls. She regularly posts videos of her shopping trips and hauls. Emma hauls everything from groceries to makeup and much more.  She shops a lot at Primark and her hauls are fun to watch. Primark is a UK based retailer which seems to have just about everything! There are a few in the US. Emma finds the good stuff! She has Disney hauls from Primark which are great for the Disney fans!  

Emma’s hauls are especially fun because they often include a shop with me section. She is so funny and a treat to watch. Her relationship with Louise Pentland, Sprinkle of Glitter, is very sweet and they have a lot of great times together.

Our brummymummyof2 shops Poundland, Home Bargains and numerous other retailers. Some of her hauls are entitled, “Stuff I Didn’t Need (But Wanted.)” How true! The hauls include everything from office supplies to household goods.

Emma hauls clothing from Asos, Primark, Matalan and more. She frequently does a try on with the haul. Her style is current and comfortable. She looks great and chooses her clothing well.

Mummy Time

Emma’s weekly vlogs are where the viewer really gets to know her and the family. Her self-depreciating humor is endearing and so amusing. Her children are so comfortable with the camera and a treat to watch. Her husband was a bit camera shy, however, he has joined her on a couple of videos and he is hilarious, too. Often the vlogs will include hauls. She even vlogs the family’s Disney vacation. Emma offers lots of encouragement for moms of busy families and give loads of tips and advice on running a family with a sense of humor.

Thank you for reading this vlog and join our brummymummyof2 for helpful and interesting content!


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