A Place to Nest

The Channel

Becky is the mom in charge of the wonderful YouTube channel, A Place to Nest. Becky joined YouTube in 2013. She began the channel as a way to share her couponing tips and tricks. The channel has evolved into a wealth of information on all things homemaking, homeschooling, healthy eating, green cleaning, Disney and so much more. The channel has over 38,000 subscribers and continues to grow. Becky lives in Kentucky with her husband and two girls. She posts hauls regularly along with so much other useful content. Plus, Becky is hilarious! Her dry sense of humor is so entertaining.

The Hauls

Becky does all manner of hauls. She hauls clothing for her girls sometimes separating the hauls by ages. https://youtu.be/NbCuErHmy6w  https://youtu.be/pV4GTVPy7kU This is especially useful as her children are several years apart in age. She does grocery and Dollar Tree hauls occasionally. https://youtu.be/bYMf8JyO0-A https://youtu.be/aIBEqw2EAw8

Becky also posts very interesting and informative home school videos. https://youtu.be/z5oX1it7u2M Becky has a whole playlist on homeschooling with great ideas, strategies, reviews and “hauls” of the curriculum she uses. Her channel is a wealth of information for a homemaker and homeschooler.

Becky and her family are big Disney fans. They travel to Disney usually once (sometimes twice) a year. Her Disney videos are a wealth of information regarding all things Disney, such as, planning, where to stay, how to book dining reservations and fast passes, what to pack, etc. https://youtu.be/JbOgIQjthx0 https://youtu.be/paLIxRUVNQM  Becky also has a monthly subscription to a Disney box and she films a haul when she opens the box. https://youtu.be/j1fJxNU1GoA The videos are just the tip of the Disney content on Becky’s channel. Please watch them all if a Disney trip is in your future.

All Things Becky

A Place to Nest is where Becky shows us how to do it all! Her cleaning videos are so practical and helpful. https://youtu.be/2aZ4ZLIOdpU Her channel is a go to for homeschoolers looking for inspiration, practical tips and support. https://youtu.be/qE1mjZ7NryM This video is introducing a series on her teaching methods. This blog post has really only scratched the surface of the rich content on her channel. Visit Becky at A Place to Nest to be informed and entertained. Thank you for your time and enjoy the channel

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